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The Vent: Natural Beauty

who do you wait for boo?

that dude that can do physical things for you?

ahh yea, the ballers that allow you to pop bottles,

mash throttles,

hurdle down the freeway in that form fitting girdle,

accentuate them curves, attenuate them verbs,

yet you know something is missing,

lost in the glitz and glam of a pseudo existence that so many attempt to make real,

hurting inside yet you front to make it seem like you feel,

nothing, but you know that as long as you’re in them heels,

some hot brotha will saunter up and make you feel,

like a millions bucks,

he and his boys rolling in a millions trucks,

like a fucking army, and you’re cool with the million sucks,

oral fee you gotta pay cuz you know life sucks,

when you aren’t living beautifully but I’m not too sure you even know the aesthetic,

the way you and your girls live is in my opinion pathetic,

but what do I know half my ponderings could be considered heretic,

so if my words go in one eye and out the other I’m not going to sweat it,

the girls on TV have nothing on you,

When I wake up in the morning my mind is on you,

on me, head upon my chest breathing softly,

deftly I place you back on my pillow,

fell my head swim as I swallow down the image before me,

see but this was before she, well you,

felt the need to do all those things you didn’t need to,

before you felt the need to capitulate to the world’s view,

then suddenly you put a sculpted foot into the world’s shoe,

and try on every night to convince the planet that this is the person to whom you’ve evolved,

knowing good and well you have a problem unsolved,

because I see your true delicacy,

as if God used dainty hands to put you together delicately,

and I will be his delegate see?

He wants you to go back to who you used to be,

when your lips were their natural color,

and your body shape was your own,

hair natural to the roots,

you were one of His most prized recruits,

in the 1st infantry of natural splendor,

like a prism you were a light bender,

lets go back to those days.

lets go back to those days.



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