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The Vent: The Sex Paradox

Sex. OOOOooooOOOoOOOO. Its like the fucking Boogie Man that no one is any longer afraid of. A few years ago that word was like acid to my juvenile ears and then I jumped in full bore. It was rather anticlimactic looking back, I went, I came literally back to my dorm. Suddenly I understood completely the complete objectification of women. Why men stared at the feminine form with such voracious appetites.

But I’m not here to speak with such colloquiality. Sex is a big deal given its stake in the media realms. Sex sells. Girls dress sexy. Guys go after it. Its normal. You and me baby aint nothing but mammals. Right?

Here comes Bryce the Preacher. Well, not literally. But kinda. Everyone knows the reasons why the Bible says we shouldn’t have sex. Our body is a temple which should remain pure. God resides in our temple and any action which defiles that edifice becomes offensive to God and sullies that which you should really work to remain pure. In a world which sexual transmitted diseases are about as rampant as the common cold, these defiling actions and compromises to your temple take on even more dramatic implications. Frequent sex leaves you exposed to all kinds of bullshit which most of us don’t want to deal with. Furthermore, reputations immediately get placed on the chopping block. Dudes become infamous within female social circles, while girls are reviled amongst other girls and laughed at amongst guys.

Sex becomes matters of conquest. Girls become notches on belts. Guys become temporary satisfactions. Each side has their claim to victimization but its all the same.

So lets get to the point.

I’m actually not that big of a fan of sex. Although I have had really “good” sex.. actually more good than bad.. nothing I have experienced really brought me super close to a girl. Possibly once given our physical chemistry, but seeing that we are no longer together, clearly that bond wasn’t that incredible. But I feel as though our constant gravitation toward sex is in the media. Even myself, a rather sober minded, clearly opinionated person will start regurgitating things I;ve heard in songs and I’ll almost do a double take like where did that come from. I was with a girl last year, the reason I started this blog actually, and we did not have sex. She was a virgin and I had no intentions of taking that from her. Of course it was extremely difficult, I;m not denying any of the basic human urges especially as a young man, but the relationship she and I shared was pretty awesome given the exclusion of sex.

I don’t know, I’m finally coming to terms with God and the things I’m supposed to be doing. Although I’m farrrrr from your average Christian, I still have basic pillars of my faith which I cannot argue with. Sex is one of those things. I’m way more interested in sharing a beautiful sexual moment with my wife than I am about fucking a bunch of chicks in some distorted battle of machismo. That doesn’t bring e any lasting satisfaction. Furthermore, I am a simp. I love super hard, so if I’m going to become that intimate with a woman something special needs to be there.

Sex is a part of life, but it has a place in it. Too many of us base our lives around it. The procurement. The chase. We allow our primordial instincts to guide our heads as opposed to using our seriously evolved cerebral and spiritual capacities in order to gain self control.

Self control, something that is becoming harder in this day and age in which everything is so accessible and plenteous. I’m working overtime to make sure my life is not a series of pleasure satisfactions, that when I pass from this earth my early search for wisdom is obvious and bountiful.


I guess to each his own though. I just know my premarital life will not be guided by my fleshly cravings. Then I’d be no different from the strays wandering through the alleys behind my house.




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