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The Vent: Interlude

Kind of funny how things have taken a turn in the 21st century. While many of us are simply enjoying the fruits of technology and exponential growth in terms of globalization, there aren’t enough people asking the actually important questions. How is all of this going to affect the things we’ve grown used to? Now if you check this site often you know that I constantly challenge the status quo. i’m all for nonconformist attitudes and I think the single greatest expression of life is individuality, however, the technological advancements we’ve experienced in the last half decade are sending swooping reform to what we have all grown accustomed to.

Lets look at fame. I own a company within the entertainment realm so I have had to pay keen attention to the trends brewing within the world of “celebrity”. What I have seen as of recent is astounding, it is no longer harder to become “famous”. YouTube sensations, Twitter celebrities, and the rest. Record labels, mass multimedia corporations, and the radio are no longer the gatekeepers like they have been in generations past. So now there are “stars” popping up everywhere. Well thats a good thing right? Perhaps. If you can hop in the bubble before it pops. All bubbles pop. All of them.

What I believe more people should be concerned about is how the world is beginning to constrict. It is both liberating and imprisoning at the same time. I can’t say that i don’t like whats happening, that isn’t the case at all, simply I’m having considerable amounts of apprehension brewing while looking towards what the world is going to look like in a few years let alone a few decades.

We should always be prepared for consequences of reactions just as much as we are concerned about their benefits.



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