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The Vent: Persistent Vegetative State; Ignorance

What do you think when someone says PVS? The word you’re probably more familiar with is “vegetable”. Terry Schaivo. A person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and is more than likely comatose. Etc etc. Most Americans are in a state of PVS. We are social vegetables. Unable to do anything for ourselves, constantly being force fed everything from religion to media to philosophies by the puppet masters in the upper echelons of society. To make matters worse in terms of social milieu, you have the truth peppered in here and there, virtue in nominal portions, and sincerity in parts per thousand, so as the inauthentic takes over there are barely visible places where people point as if the substantive exists.  This serves to propagate the stupefying agenda which has been creeping in for decades.

Living in Los Angeles, I am constantly bombarded by the just most idiotic displays of life. Women walking out of the house looking like Cirque de Soleil performers, guys with no money flossing as if they are something special, pastors leading their flocks down the wrong spiritual paths, universities treating their students like bank accounts instead of truly investing in their future. As always kids are turning their heads towards the media for guidance and where are they being taken? To sensationalism and completely pointless news, to foolish TV stars and rappers… Our people are being fed poison yet they don’t even know it. We all know about the Holocaust gas chambers at Auschwitz, the ones where the detainees believed they were taking showers but were instead being exterminated, well we are in the midst of a social mass gas chamber. We turn on our computers and our TVs and immediately the poison flows in.

What are you listening to? Whats in your iPod? Bullshit I can guarantee. People making money off mindless drivel, bitches, money, ‘making it rain’. We are all so obsessed with love yet songs are constantly talking about the degradation of women, the emasculation of men, the glorification of murder, and the complete and utter break down of everything we learned was morally good growing up. I mean I get together with my friends and I start freestyling and the first things out of my own mouth are ‘fuck bitches’ and ‘catch a nigga slipping’ etc. This coming from me?! I’m a thinker not a warrior, but my subconscious has been so penetrated by the things I’ve allowed into my psyche that even I can’t escape their grip.

What does Wiz Khalifa rap about? Weed. What does Busta Rhymes rap about? Drug dealing and his time in the hood. What does Jay-Z rap about? Former drug dealing, his time in the projects. The list goes on.

In certain ways I am a dinosaur. I hold on to a lot of the teachings of the previous generations, but really I’m all for the right kind of progress. As aforementioned I love free expression and all that jazz. But where are we headed people? We need to collectively figure out why we are doing the things we are doing, why they are considered cool. Notice I have yet to mention God or Jesus or anything religious, of course He is the most important concept here, however, for those sick of their Bible thumping parents, I’m attempting to argue from places of ethic and logic.

As usual I’m all over the place, but thats the purpose of this blog. I’m not really trying to convince anyone of anything, just wanting people to analyze their believe systems and look at themselves introspectively. Are you sitting in a metaphorical gas chamber exposed or are you at least sitting in that chamber with a gas mask. Don’t play with guns if you aren’t wearing a vest. Your mind is a giant sponge and your conscience is it’s depository. If you are constantly dumping bullshit into your system you will become a giant landfill, full of superficial folly. Should you choose to ignore my imploring and remain a sheeple please do me a favor and stay out of my way.




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  1. Cat Daddy

    I like I like. I totally agree with you, and I think others are starting to catch on to whats going on here. Either that or the fact that we’re growing older and maturing. Now I realize and understand why my mom was so against me watching certain things on t.v. She use to say something along the lines of: Just because its on t.v. and your old enough to watch it, doesn’t mean you should always watch it. I didn’t quite get it then, but now I definitely do. Saying things like MOM! I know the difference btw right and wrong good and evil, false and true. YES this is true but what does your unconscious hold???… ummm true.

    April 11, 2011 at 7:53 am

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