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At Some Point

Over the years I’ve attacked finding you with reckless abandon,
Felt as though my plane touching down in your landing,
Was the only way for me to exist,
How my did persist,
Even amongst the salty tears,
The emaciated heart,
Refused to wax stolid,
Preferred to remain solid,
Each and every day your visage,
Would play across my mind’s eye,
That woman who would be my Holy Grail,
Titillate me physically, spiritually, emotionally,
Devoted to me,
And I to she,
Sitting alone in my room I would become inundated in a deluge of fantasy,
I could feel you, touch you, hold you,
Someone I could boldly approach with my dreams,
My deepest chasms,
Would be yours to explore.

Lately I’ve lost sight of those dreams,
The tear soaked pillows have been replaced my apathetic sheets,
I am a jaded skepticist,
Wondering if any one woman could bring me the joy I so crave,
Will anyone take the time to invest into a pauper like me,
Be here as the ragged peasant ascends into his kingship,
Most think they can, then jump ship,
Then its the commentary from the surroundings,
That I’m too young,
I have many years to live,
Have fun,
Live it up,
I know you’re still out there somewhere,
Praying, hoping for a guy like me.

I imagine our introduction will be glorious.
Something out of a fairy tale.
Hopeless romanticism,
Has served as the foundation for most people’s criticism,
What can I say,
My internals beat true for true love,
While my externals beat false trysts like dust off of rugs,
I’m determined to be in your presence.
At some point.



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