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I Am Yours

These three words are why I love the very concept of love so much. In the eyes of many, I’m a pathetic, female obsessed dude who looks too often for it. They may very well be right, and I’m perfectly okay with that. But hearing someone say the words “I am yours” for me has always surpassed the more common form of emotional commitment in “I love you”. I’ve only heard that phrase spoken to me a handful of times, usually deep in some passionate moment.

It is difficult to give yourself to someone. You can give them sex. You can give them attention. You can give them shit. However, to wholly devote yourself to tell them that “you are theirs” is a statement so pure, so filled with gravitas that most of us will never speak it until we’re married. In ancient days covenants were often made between people. Covenants expressed a devotion from one man to another that he would fight, protect, and serve his brother as he would do his own life. Abraham, father of the Judeo-Christian tradition, formed a covenant with God in which he pledged himself to YHWH. When you enter a covenant bond with someone you give yourself to them. All that you are. All that you were. All that you will be. Its such an advanced concept that most of us have yet to even begin to think about people outside of ourselves. As we trudge along this path called life, we are often so consumed in self discovery that these ideas are eclipsed.

But to give yourself to someone is the sign of maturity. For how ever many months you’ve been going to God about a woman or man, after how many dates, however many heart flutters and minor cardiac arrests. Suddenly those butterflies make sense. Those moments where you couldn’t take your mind off of them and though your brain strove vigorously to keep control, your heart dove fearlessly into their warm embrace. You are theirs just as a blanket belongs to an attached child. As you’ve grown older, your souls have grown younger, wrapping tentacles around that comfort. The fight is helpless. They are your everything. You are theirs.

I am yours.

From the deepest trenches of my spiritual caverns,
To the highest mountains of my conscious mind,
I pledge wholeheartedly to give myself unto thee,
To turn he + she into a we,
That will invariably traverse to hard roads of life,
In the deepest moments of strife,
Or the intense moments of joy,
I am your boy, your adolescent, your man,
You are my story,
Written across the tablets of my very being,
And in these fleeting moments the stars align,
Their unified line shines,
Placing a cosmic beacon upon your soul,
God the Father, Jesus the Son,
Nodding in agreement as our amalgamation makes me whole,
Lips upon ears intimate three words so filled with power,
Time stands still, as seconds turn to hours,
I struggle to keep balance as their perfect tonality reaches my drums,
Beating so softly, melodic as guitar strums,
“I am yours”
You speak them like an angel whispering to a baby about his future,
So sure,
Your eyes bury into mine,
We are pirates treasure, priceless finds,
Your fingers locked into mine,
The romance of nature,
As callous tree limb meet sultry vine.
You are my synergist.
You are my best friends.
And I am yours.



One response

  1. katelynclark13

    you are just …………… i don’t even know how to explain it. amazing?

    April 18, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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