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Morning Glory

we speak of beauty implicitly.

as if each and every one of had the right to choose,

an aesthetic which we adhered to.

i feared you.

you cleared me….

me, my conscience.

for when my spirit cried out in utter jubilation,

it was your face which my blessed nation,

lifted up loving words in admiration,

adoration. sweet child if you only understood what you are shaping up to mean,

i gleaned myself from the foolishness of yesterday

yet in every way you exemplify that which i yearn for

she who i will go out and earn for,

she who i burn for,

she who i churn for,

she who i would go to war for,

so i go to battle with my past.

to fight the demons who seek to cast doubt on love so pure,

so sure sometimes am i that this will all be for not

that somehow this chain was wrought and doomed from the start…

but alas a far off distance i see the banner of her soul risen above the horizon,

morning has finally come and love has finally come findin’

morning glory.

morning glory.



One response

  1. i love this!

    April 18, 2011 at 6:43 am

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