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I’m sitting in my school’s state of the art library overlooking an amazing view of the bluff and the ocean about 2 miles away. Its simply gorgeous.

I think in essence paradise does exist,
In fact,
It exists both in the bosom of Christ,
And in the projection of his Wisdom,
Yes Earth.
There are days when the sun’s rays fill me like broth from a hearth,
Crisp blue skies stretching further than my eyes can see,
My starry eyed fantasies begin parading across my mind,
The day piques my interest in divine harmony,
I am blessed.
I am lucky.
To think, I could have ended up a lost boat at sea,
Caught up or shot up on a street corner in my home city,
Nailed up or jailed up,
Suffering a life behind bars,
But oh thank the stars,
Or the Shining Star,
Son of man,
That every free breath I breathe,
Heaves away all yolks.
Below me, the homes of the affluent beckon,
Every second they invite me into their ranks,
The cranks, cogs, and spokes of my incendiary machine,
Are bellowed hot as I know the images seen,
Behind closed eye lids,
And a clear mind,
Are in fact mind,
The voices of privilege coercing me to truly believe,
Believe in the dream,
That everything is in fact what it seems,
A young man borne of other things,
Other machinations describing his inner workings,
A young king,
Heir to a throne he thought was impossible to succeed.

On days like today,
My destiny embraces me,
The warm arms of the Most High,
Detailing where I will go,
How I will know,
Disbelief and skepticism are still my kinsman,
But assurity and purity of heart and mind are made one in my spirit,
I engage in my journey,
Ensconced in my ascension,
Knowing that a young man on a meteoric rise can be dangerous,
Pride often treacherous,
The lecherous, pinings of those who give in to their own hype,
Yet I’m the type who prides them self on the stripes,
Of the banner whose manner brought me here in the first place.
Young man indeed.
Young Christian in league,
With the company of himself.
I am my greatest asset.



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