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Truth: People

I tend to be very caustic and astringent when it comes to my perception of others. Off top I love everyone equally, simply because thats equity in practice, however, as one penetrates the levels of my madness they will see that the deeper they go, the more complex the situations get. I don’t like people that say “I’m complicated”, because often they are the simplest niggas to be around. However, the inexorable truth around my existence is that I am in fact complicated because my brain has been constructed around various tenets and principles some conflicting, some complimentary which lead me down waterfalls of logic to places where there is no longer a simple answer.

When I’m at school I really dislike most of my peers from the perspective I am in at that time. The perspective of that moment, looking at their actions, listening to their words, I have to fight the judgmental side which seemingly fills in the blanks about why else I don’t like them. However simultaneously, the other perspectives in my brain are attempting to even out my disdain for their existence. I hear “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “to each their own”. My brain coddles me with “I bet your opinion would change if got to actually know them”. Its funny though, that as I get older and I meet more and more people, those initial instincts are often correct. When someone exudes the stench of superficiality and airheadedness, it is usually and indication of their deeper constituents.

Girls. I hate them. I love them. They hate me. They love me. I don’t think anything brings out my irrationality, except for maybe God, like girls do. I think most of them are groupies, attention whores, or just plain dumb. However, when a beautiful one comes my way, I become the very same things. I have been blessed to date a good amount of women and although I surely don’t know a lot, I;ve been able to glean good amounts of knowledge from my encounters.

I suddenly dont feel like finishing this post.



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