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Inventory: Dream dreams

I dream dreams of making other people’s dreams come true. I dream dreams of taking the woman I love into my arms and providing anything she wants. I dream dreams of hearing the woman I love tell me I’m too good to be true.

I envision myself helping the homeless man off the street. Taking him to grab a bite to eat. Entreating him to share stories.

I imagine myself paying my grandma’s mortgage. Sending her all over the world so she can live out her years doing whatever Jamaican nana’s enjoy doing ha.

I dream these dreams because I feel as though I have been placed on this earth to instill a sense of hope. Though I am far from perfect, I want people to have faith in mankind again. I don’t really care too much for the status quo. I don’t care about bitches. Although I can be apathetic, I give a lot of fucks about a lot of things that people say you shouldn’t. However, God didn’t make me a fool. If I’m a simp or wack for wanting to make one woman happy so be it. If I’m viewed differently because I love God the way I do so be it. I try my hardest to bleed virtue. I would rather live my life upright than be accepted because of what those around me say.

I dream dreams of excellence. The removal of pestilence, parasitic petulance.. these fools who use circumstance and happenstance to choose a feeble stance. Lives defeated. If I can those precious few happy, I’m happy. Fuck quantity, I seek quality. Its impossible, implausible, and highly unlikely one will ever find one like me, well at least from what I see. boys will be boys i guess, but I invite myself to be myself amongst the halls of greatness. Love in heart. Riches in hand. Family in blood. God in spirit.



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