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Spring Cleaning

It was my heart that the skewer couldn’t forget.
The trident piercing my very existence.
Poseiden watched the water flow from heart.
You were my everything.
The big eyes which stared at me with what I believed was love.
Funny how I threw celebrations in my soul while you preferred the club.
I stayed up all night wishing that you would call.
Because when I committed I sold out to giving my all.
I sprawled out on the floor as the gravity of our schism
Everything I had instantly imprisoned,
I envisioned you by me through the thick and thin,
How naïve I was.
How misguided I was.
I took steps to ensure you were happy.
I ignored lips of other women to ensure my faithfulness.
I shed tears when you hurt.

The words rolled out of your mouth so fluidly,
Fluently, versed in the art of ventricular destruction,
You so candidly described you infidelity,
How you indelibly stepped out on me,
Took chunks out of me,
With no intentions of returning them,
You when from an angel to a harpy,
A winged disaster content with the havoc you wrought,
The habits you’ve wrought,
Leaving younf men distraught,
Trapped in perpetual dark spots,
Like shadow dances before their eyes,
The silhouette of beauty,
Evolves into the eclipse of murder,
You alone are culpable.
The palpable evil emanating from your very presence.

Yet I refuse to resent you.
I only present you before the God almighty and pray for your redemption,
For exemption from your past deeds,
Because when life starts harvesting your cast seeds,
The last things you’ll find yourself eating,
Will be sorrow and remorse,
I pray you have happiness and nothing worse.
The pain you dealt has become a blessing,
Not a curse.



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