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It is the pervasive cousin to misinformation and laziness. Its easy to attain because all of us came out of the womb with it. Ignorance. Like a devouring lion, it preys upon all of us. Yet, it seems to attack others more than some. Sometimes I get on my social networking pages and simply shake my head at what people don’t know or think is cool to brag about. Their lives are jokes because that which they chase is ephemeral. These short lived dreams of “swag” or “gettin’ money”. Girls dream about being in music videos and having dudes with bread save them. Dialogues about religion, spirituality, and philosophy aren’t necessarily evaporated as much as they are diluted. The perverted ideas of a new bitter generation of self righteous buffoons are passed around like essential party favors, yet nobody understands what the fuck they’re even celebrating.

That’s where my mind reels. Metaphorically kicked back on its heels as I think about myself in contrast to what’s going on around me. As I’ve described before on this blog I have a really hard time saying “everything I do and believe is right, while the other 6.5 billion people that don’t think like me are wrong.” The probability of me being 100% right about everything are slim to none and I would never delude myself to think so. However, the more I sink my cerebral teeth into this society the more I realize I’m the black swan in the flock. I don’t fit. Lately I’ve found myself in situations where the homies were talking about getting females or whatever. “Yea nigga I’m just tryna get on some pussy.” My knee jerk reaction is to be like “yea fasho”… But I couldn’t do it. That isn’t me. When I listen to songs I can’t relate to this shit these fools are talking about.

Meh… I am a caustic mixture of know-it-all, misanthrope, and a superiority complex. I struggle to even understand the things people talk about because I usually think shit is beneath me. I know that’s not the right way to be, but I’m just being honest. I don’t like christian churches, I don’t like our government, I don’t like our entertainment industry, healthcare industry, education system… Practically anything that is in existence I have an issue or 9 with. So I’m asking, where is the problem… In these macro-structures or myself? Logic says that I should look to the common denominator, which happens to be me. However, the more I interact with others the more my beliefs are solidified. Which leads to the question: Can society support the happiness of anyone without usurping the true moral rights of others? I say no.

See the problem is there is no such thing as “democracy” in life. Even in our “perfect” American political system, a true democracy doesn’t exist. It is a representative democracy where larger political organizations give us the “best” options to choose. Such is the same as other facets of our lives. Macro organizations do not favor the individual or individual rights, because those that run these monolithic groups are often megalomaniacs. They are drunk with power and thrive off of giving us, the people, the illusion of free choice. Thus defying the very original gift given to us by God. Churches text “their gospel.” Record companies force their artists to play “their idea of good music.” Educational institutions teach what “they believe to be relevant and pertinent information.” So then what is our life?

The movie the matrix isn’t far off from what our life actually is. The mass majority of us are plugged into the machine, society, and we thrive off of this. We ignore the signs and symptoms and abstain from the truth. The rest of us then are aware of this insidious device. Though it feeds us the illusion of self efficacy we are in fact hopelessly tied to it. However, the deeper endlessly more nefarious truth is that we allow these people to control us. if we stop listening to Lady Gaga or Jay-z tomorrow they lose relevance. If we stopped supporting the GOP or Democratic party they’d cease to exist. If we boycotted the collegiate education system and pointed it out for what it was, a resource sucking monster, then they would have to overhaul the system. But that’s too hard. Its easier to remain a sheep.

Its easier to support shit that is natural to us. Why? Just that. The machine is natural to us, so we channel our spirituality through it. We channel our knowledge through it. We birth our children into it. We refuse to research ideas and life outside of it. It is a paradigm which gives the illusion of life.

Its tiring being me sometimes.



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