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Many of the problems we face in life are self inflicted. Please believe me when I say this. The young woman or young man who is always upset over love, often times doesn’t value themselves enough to be in love with themselves first. They clamber from one broken relationship to another, heaping their affection upon individuals who do not deserve it in the first place.

Those who are frequently frustrated are trapped in what I call the gauntlet. The gauntlet is that place in life where everything is a test. However, the difference between everyone else and them is that they fail those tests, constantly. Then they harp on those failures. They blame others. They blame themselves. They blame God. After this a sense of self deprecation falls over them and they are slaves to their own pity. I know many people like this and dated some as well. The key is taking back the keys to your happiness.

Happiness. Haha. Such a fleeting concept in this day and age. In a time when we can change our minds with the stroke of a key, we can be a most waivering people. Plus the options are seemingly endless and there are so many people around us, sampling each fruit to see if its as good as the last/next its a dance of death for anyone unprepared to face the consequences of a fickle generation. As one man passes a girl along she becomes a whore. As one girl passes a man along, he becomes praised. We play a game of education by which no one can really get ahead anymore. Etc. Times are changing and the population is growing at an astronomical rate. What then does this have to do with anything Bryce?

Everything. If you are unhappy in this kaleidoscope, then it will be very hard to gain your bearings. You will tumble until you’re 40 and you have a gun to your head. We live in low times with high pressure.

How to gain back your happiness: Find God. Find Him quick. Seek wisdom. Seek solace WITH YOURSELF. Be at peace with who you have been made to be. After that you’ll become to understand who you are and what you’ve been made to do. Then your talents and abilities can be translated into areas that will maximize your effectiveness on this earth.

Do this. And I guarantee your happiness or your money back.



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