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This is who we’ve become?

The hardest things in life to do are breaking away from the proverbial crowd. From childhood we are barraged simultaneously with thoughts of conformity and thoughts of noble rebellion. But how many people are able to fight that fight? How many people even know there’s a fucking fight in the first place? For the last year or so I’ve been asking the Lord for wisdom. His wisdom. S I neared my graduation He seemingly let my mind rest and there wasn’t white the ceaseless proliferation of knowledge and topics like before, yet right on cue I seem t be inundated with questions, quagmires, and inquiries which revolve around mainstream society.

Have we become that stupid that sites like World Star Hip Hop and TMz are more important than gaining real knowledge? It’s funny you talk to people and everyone loves to say “yea I watch discovery/history/science” channel but more often than not they don’t live that life. The world is about an image more than it is a reality. Fallacies and mistruths run our society. But when you start preaching this people don’t want to listen. You’re a party pooper, or a “hater” whatever the fuck that is. I’ve come to my wits end at what the world argues about and why we don’t do anything about it. Why the fuck do we care about celebrity weddings and what the hell hairstyle so and so has? Why do you care about who blank is dating and who she was seen with? Why d we watch people get bludgeoned to a state of the body going into extreme shock then say “hahaha nigguh dat bitch got clocked”. Who the fuck have we become?

I am starting to dissociate, slowly but surely from my people.

Sometimes I just can’t. I can’t believe that this is what int means to be a human. The pinnacle of life as we know it. Forged by the hands of the most gracious Creator who told us we could serve anything and anyone we wanted, that our destinies were essentially ours unless we willingly gave our lives back go Him. I have a hard time stomaching that this is how we’ve relayed Him. We are ignorant creatures, duplicitous in both or hubris and our frailty, yet parading around as if we were citizens of Mount Olympus.

I’m so filled with undifferentiated emotions right now. I don’t even know.



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