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nO giMMickS

People say that presentation is everything. That may very well be true, but its a shame that those who don’t much for image but have talent are overlooked because of things completely unrelated.

Society all about gimmicks.


I don’t have time for gimmicks though. I appreciate substance for what its worth and its worth an awful lot to me. Things of course need to be palatable, but where is the line drawn.

“I don’t write fluffy froufrou bullshit so that the masses are educated,

I write so the wrongs of the world can be vindicated,

I could give a fuck less if I ever become syndicated,

If i was the only person reading my posts my appetite would still be  sated

Thats simply the way I made it.”


They say real recognize real. So I’m not really in the business of writing on a beautifully intricate site so people come and want to read. Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a blog site by it’s design.


Sorry I refuse gimmicks. Nicki Minaj isn’t allowed in here.




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