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The Life Coach

Life. Something we all at one point in time take for granted. We hear everyday adages and Hallmark card quotes telling us how much of a blessing it is to just be breathing on our own. As someone who just reached a serious milestone in life, completing college, I have been faced with the prospects of “real life”.

Truly inheriting the responsibilities and expectations of a full fledged adult. As I look over my 22 years of existence I see some ups, some downs, and everything in between.

This leads to the ultimate existential paradox. As many bumps, scrapes, hits, punches, stab wounds, and shots we take in life you’d think that living would be forever. The fragility of our life force, the very breath of God, can so easily escape our lungs that it seems to be as delicate as a spider’s

web. Its amazing really. Also, incomparably terrifying. This realm we exist in is a gift, bu

t one given with strings, conditions, and statutes attached. As we war against what the Bible calls “the prince of the power of the air” and another serious factor chance we see that life isn’t as sturdy as it seems and is quite the contrary — exceedingly precarious. I can’t begin to stress to readers enough howimportant this blog post is. As much as I care about love, romance, commitment, and corrupt political regimes all of those pale in comparison to what I find to be of the utmost importance, Wisdom.

Wisdom gives you the components to live a rich life. One that is inherently your own, not some cheap imitation of what society tells you to live. It causes you to look deep within yourself to see your true constituents and begin to adjust your conscious makeup. Wisdom brings about the ideals in your life to be that better person or that adjustment you’ve been wanting. It opens channels to the very spirit of God. It causes one to forgive and subsequently forget. Wisdom is the lifeblood of progression. It is the Ancient Secret which propagates mankind closer to harmony with one another.

So as we tread these paths and walkways of this sometimes ephemeral thing we call life, keep in mind that you have the obligation to yourself, your family, your friends, and foremost your God to maximize your time year. I’m trying to keep my own pervasive subjective agendas out of this but I urge you to be vigilant about who you’re representing and what you’re allowing into your mind/spirit. Be yourself, whatever that means for you. Love yourself and love others as if they were yourself. Let bullshit drama and petty things go. Take your wildest dream and do everything you can to attain it. Don’t live a fraudulent or cheap life and leave this earth with regrets. There are countless souls who wish they had the opportunities you do right now and as they look down upon us — our lost family members, friends, and ancestors — we need to make sure we’re cashing in on what God has blessed us with.

In Loving Memory of Brandon Farmer



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