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As a young man I’m starting to see the world as a philosopher and less as a teenager. The ideas that life is not fair and what goes around comes around are such a reality that they really blend into the environment for me. However, more salient structures in the infrastructure of my cognitive reality involve people. For those of you that have read my blog from its early inception know that I tend to dabble in psychology. I am by no means an expert. However, the psychology of the modern “urban” community has become so prevalent, yet no one is really asking any questions. I have often been plagued mentally by such mantras as “I don’t give a fuck”, “fuck bitches, get money”, “fuck love” etc. Taking a brief look at these gives rise to a cascade of logic that really have come to define our society, especially in metropolitan Los Angeles.

Many of the exclaimed adages of our generation have been coined by celebrities. Celebrities that people follow with reckless abandon. 6 years ago it was “That’s Hot” by Paris Hilton. To coin a catch phrase has been around since the beginning of time, but with as the world begins to get smaller through media and online exposure many of the Earth’s citizens are being bombarded by subliminal innuendo. To give into the greater “group think” mentality often proliferated by celebrities chosen for their talents. The fact is, the entertainment industry has very little to do with what we life and everything to do with what we’ll pay attention to. From Kim Kardashian and every bullshit show on BET to people’s affinity with athletics, the world has begun rotating on the axes of “entertainment”. As an avid NCAA connoisseur I spend all of a saturday watching football and all of a friday watching basketball. I love it. However, I rarely buy into what I’m being sold. Why?

We as a people are responsible for what A) comes into our subconscious B) process that information C) we act upon that given process. Therefore, should we engage a crooked salesman then walk away our job as a conscious buyer has been carried out. However, if said crooked salesman manages to get us on a psychological level to the point where we become his marketing then its a wrap.

The world runs on greed. Whether you believe in the Illuminati or masonic conspiracy or not, the issue is that the higher ups in our complex hierarchical society are fueled by greed. They use every conceivable tool to keep us spending money and not asking questions. The true elite understand about “currency” having no true value, yet as long as they keep us milling around with banal things like reality TV, they are consolidating the true leverage, power. They are accumulating the powers of debt, the powers of natural resource, the powers of democracy, and global relations in order to maintain their elitist, megolamaniacal agendas.

I choose to live my life not as an activist or communitarian, but half as a disgruntled intellectual and half as a satire (which I suppose is one and the same).

More thoughts to come.



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