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Mental Freedom

Its just past 3 am in the morning and I haven’t though about sleep until now. But my “sunset” thoughts rest on an exciting concept introduced to me recently by a friend of mine: mental freedom. Really, Bryce? New? Get in line with every other “new ager” and “free thinker” ever to wear a pair of Birkenstock’s and embrace a tree. If that’s where your mind shifted, you my friend, are caught in a paradigm.

See life itself exists in various dimensions, what I call “planar paradoxes”. The planar paradox is simply a large theory which is bisected by another large theory which contradicts it. In this instance, the human existence or “life” can be segmented into the various ways man perceives that existence, I.e. The mind. The mind (as any pedantic psychologist will tell you) is tiered, ranging from the instinctual preconscious, to the programmable and sensitive subconscious, to the conscious and I’m sure I’m missing others. However, I’m going to deal with the pre and the conscious. The preconscious is what ties every human being together. In my opinion it houses the sinews of the “collective consciousness” or the belief that every thought that ever has been or will be has already been conceived. In my philosophy this “collective” is tied directly to God the Father from which all inspiration commences. However, God gave us a little something known as free will. Thus enters the two higher consciouses. This however is not a psychology lesson.

The preconscious is the primordial, instinct part of the mind. It is a fire that can only be contained by the social construct that is civility. Thus, the preconscious houses all that is intrinsically valuable. It is the “engine” for the mind. However, as man has socially evolved, so has his affinity for creating worthless add-ons. Many of us have succumbed to the unavoidable cogs and sprockets of institution. They’re non navigable in 2011. From corporate behemoths to college beats, we are told what we can and cannot do, according to legislature and bylaws. Thus regardless of how “creative” a person may be, the probability of that person ever utilizing that pure primordial talent is slim to none.

The planar paradox of life is this as man evolves into a higher society, the opportunity for pure displays of passion, uninfluenced by hegemony, oligarchy, or some extraneous entity diminish. Think about what you wanted to be as a kid. Are you that now? Are you getting close? Why aren’t you? For many of us, that answer is as practical as it is methodical. One decision fell through, which lead to another and to another. There were barriers. We didn’t like math. We didn’t like college. Our parents forced us to.

Blah. Blah.

What we suffer from is mental slavery. Slavery to systems we’ve allowed to be imposed upon us. I’m not talking inherently of “conspiracy” governmental or corporate systems, although they play a role, but more fundamentally the systems of society. We allow other people, beliefs, trends, fads, perceptions, observed (or more commonly illusions) obstacles etc to actively keep us from where we want to go.

You may be the most incredible writer this world has known, but you refuse to pick up a pen. Or more difficult, you may actually go after your dreams, but your adherence to a slave mindset keeps you from meeting the right people, praying the right prayers, or doing the right actions.

Its time for an emancipation. With your mind and spirit. Take what you want to do in life and put it on a poster in your kitchen. Then do nothing. NOTHING. Sit in your room and stare at your wall for 10 minutes. Then pray for 20. Then stare at your wall for 5 more. Then get up and go look at your goal. Then start making moves. Freedom of mind doesn’t take your goal then do things the way the world has told you. Its creating a new world in and of itself. If a slave with an enslaved mind takes on its master he’s doomed. Yet if a slave acts as a free man, mountains are moved.

Be free.



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