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1:31 am

Mankind are the keepers of the world’s largest contradictions.
Cognitive potential.
You are the protector of a secret.
A tool.
A weapon of mass production.
Yet most will never unlock it.
They will…
Make excuses. Deviate.
Alleviate themselves of the tasks of becoming something.
They will comment along the way.
Discuss along the way.
Disgust many along the way.
Talk about bullshit along the way.
Become enraptured in bullshit along the way.
But we have the potential to be anything.
Experience shapes us.
Yet most agree that we can even overcome that.
So why don’t we?

Why do we capitulate that which doesn’t matter?
Then create warped logic steeped in the best the world has to offer?
Tangible confusion.
Why do we argue fallaciously?
Create bullshit fucking castles palacially?
Glacially freezing our mental capacities
And spatially creating diminutive existences?

I gracefully bow out.
I don’t have to mind to make exceptions for people any more.



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