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My first inclination is to cuss right now. A lot. My second inclination is to say fuck this bitch ass post. My third is to think about thinking logically.

Why is our world so full of people who think they deserve respect, awe, attention? Why do so many of my peers believe they are going to be billionaires? Models? Successful? Why is our planet delusional? Why do people swear they’re funny? Or witty? Or that their opinion should even be considered? Why do people do what they want when they clearly shouldn’t? Why do we even criticize or attempt to correct? Why do we do so many things in vain? Why do the ignorant honestly believe they’re smart? Or the just worthless believe in entitlement?

Then there are those that talk out of fucking idiocy. “Fuck what people think.” No fuck you and what you think. Do people even think out their statements anymore? Ironically yes. However, their process of reaching a legitimate, sustainable statement is impossible.

The world is full of dumbasses. I’m inclined to believe everyone is a dumbass. Yes, that includes me. That seems to be the only way to resolve the tension of this planet. Since the king of existence is Perspective, from someone else’s perspective you are probably a dumbass. The more unanimity the more likely that argument is sound. Now in the same vein comes the argument that those perspectives may be viewed from an infinite number of perspectives disqualifying the possibility of there ever existing a “truth”.

So at 22, I’m now questioning the very existence of the truth. “Cindy, you’re fat.” “No I’m not.” “Yes you are, you’re 5’4″ and you weight 200 lbs. You’re fat.” “No, I’m thick. James agrees.”


Perspective allots for excuses, explanations, conjectures, conspiracies, the works. It makes room for the gray area we all vowed against as kids.

Shit was easy when you were 10. Power Rangers were awesome. Period. No one could convince you otherwise. Now? You probably don’t even know what you like or why you like it. But you will for certain tell yourself you deserve to get what you like. You’ll go to God demanding Him for things. You’ll talk about yourself and your journey emphasizing that which you have done. You’ll cheat on the boyfriend that loves you because from your perspective it doesn’t matter.

Perspective. Its what lends people to believing they’re all the shit that I wrote in the earlier paragraph. They “complex” and “mysterious”. They’re right while they’re enemies and “haters’ are wrong. You realize that someone views you as a hater?

People believe if they work hard they deserve to be rewarded. What if all that work you did was shit? Should you be paid A+ compensation for C work? Yep. But you’ll ask for it. Perspective.



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