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I have, as of recent, grown tired of the things I don’t like about people. Which are now virtually innumerable. Its like the more exceptions you make for people, the more you have to “gray” the black and white. For instance, you have a friend who is a whore. You always say “man, I’ll never be cool with a ho”, however you still choose to keep her in your circle for whatever other reasons.

I guess I’m regaining my purism. I like simplicity since my mind tends to overcomplicate things it should. A good portion of my cogitation is spent working and reworking thoughts which become circular. Like “if we shouldn’t care what other people think and we stop caring what other people think, then why should we even comment or critique each other.” Furthermore, if we make exceptions as to whom we are going to accept criticism from, what are the parameters around those decisions. I constantly see my friends passing judgments on everything they deem inappropriate. So do I ignore their remarks and continue what I’m doing, essentially exacerbating the problem or do I heed their advice and somehow allow an external opinion affect me, violating the “fuck what people think” clause? Should I go with door number 2, there lies questions intrinsic to human freedom. Should I choose to ignore the opinions of others and live my life completely free possibly setting myself up for some unforeseen and preventable destruction, or cling to criticism and possibly not be myself? Or do you choose certain criticisms and ignore the rest? If so how do you choose that which you listen to?

As someone who can find flaws in virtually anything (including this post and its content), these are questions I sometimes ask myself, but more importantly try to employ in regards to how I interact with others. Since my core fundamentals revolve around reciprocity and equity, I try to criticize with some sort of fairness. But granted I don’t respect most people’s opinions I have a hard time seeing why anyone would treat me different. Truth be told, I seriously doubt the minds and processes of everyone I’ve ever come in contact with. I tend to rarely have epiphanies due to what’s been said or “critiqued” of me.

Furthermore, since I doubt the logic of others, I wonder if others doubt my logic. For those who have ever said negative things about me, who’s to say they aren’t true? And if they are true, does my opinion really have any merit in the greater scheme of things? If I have ______ problem, as this person believes true, then me going out to teach or correct is thus flawed.

I hope you see the canon at work here.

I see problems everywhere and in everyone. Thus them trying to correct one another is like a homeless man telling another homeless man how to get a house. Jesus asked, can the sick heal the sick? So if we are arbitrarily excluding opinions while accepting others, simultaneously proffering our opinions while some exclude and some accept what do we actually have in life? Truth? Hell no.

We have perspectives. And perspectives only hold truth from certain angles… Your own. So thus 98% of all criticisms made, advice given, and thoughts generated are not truth regardless of how passionate one states it. Logic is similar to statistics and numbers; they can all be manipulated by the user. Therefore, truthfully, we should keep all of our opinions, corrections, criticisms to ourselves because they are more than likely based in a personally significant perspective which cannot and will not be universal by any means.

But that’s impossible isn’t it? How would we as a people ever progress? There has to be some dialogue, some discourse between differing cultures and creed so that syncretism and progression can unify all of mankind. So, how do we choose that which is universally beneficial and that which is junk? Where do we draw the lines in a society where everyone believes that they are right most of the time? Every topic fathomable can offer different viewpoints from superficial things like clothes and hairstyles to more provocative things such as religion and politics.

Opinions of others are the very axle in which human progress turns on. But as my country progressively gets dumber and our once mighty status diminishes, I am constantly under extreme duress about how much of a superiority complex I should exercise. Being that I don’t respect most people’s opinions, “facts”, or lifestyles due to their banal or nonexistent adherence to anything substantive I feel no reason to listen to them.

But does that make me right? Do I speak truth? Is my opinion correct? Haha




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