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Do you feel like you’re special? Has someone told you that you are? That they “just feel” like there’s something about you? Or perhaps God told them that you are? Do you make decisions or pass judgments out of a legitimate belief that you have some stellar and unique qualities inherent to you and you only?

Are you truly special?

Chances are you answered yes to at least one of these. We live in a world in which we are all special. The miracle of life. However, if we are all special, making judgment calls and interacting with others with some birthright or divine call on our lives are we ever truly listening to the world around us? Or simply learning retrospectively, by saying “oohhh yea that’s what so and so meant.” I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble but I have my doubts about anyone being special.

Sure, President Obama is an incredible man. Michael Jackson was an icon. Bill Gates is the man we look to in terms of financial wealth. Stacey Dash is exceptionally gorgeous. But are any of these people inherently special beyond the scope of “every human is unique”. Thus, they can truly only communicate out of some predisposed, perceived power allotted to them by those that watch. We can only be special in human reality if those that deal with us believe we are.

Ahh. There’s a concept. If you truly believe that you are special, chances are you can actually convince someone else as well. If you can convince one you can convince two etc. Then, the concept of being special is just as much an outward expression as it is an inward impression. You must bend someone’s opinion (if you’ve read the prior 3 posts you’ll see the importance in this) in order to actually BE anything. A man can tell someone he is financially rich, but until he can convince them by actually showing them proof it means nothing. Until your reality becomes a formal reality, whatever you belief about yourself is irrelevant.

Now, this entire blog is my extremely biased, experience based set of beliefs. Duh. But I see everyday someone claiming to be something that I simply do not agree with. Thus, that claim is not true. Perhaps they are projecting to a future point in time in which it will be. For example, a girl saying she’s a model but hasn’t taken pictures and been paid for it. In my mind you aren’t a model, you’re a person whose taken pictures. You aren’t a leader if you don’t have a following. You aren’t a wife if no man has married you yet.

Hopefully you see my point (I tend to argue in circles and shit), but claiming to be special without proof is claiming to be the president but you clearly aren’t. How do you prove being special? That’s a toughy. Because….. Ding ding ding! You guessed it, the perception of someone being special is A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE.

But I’m going to take a stance on this and say that you aren’t special until you can show me without a doubt that you are. That is, show me some intellectual acumen, wow me with deeper knowledge of God (even if you don’t necessarily believe in the Abrahamic God I do), be able to speak to the true spirit of your peers, enter into a room and have all eyes somehow gravitate toward you. Being special to me means more to me than being “different from the rest”. Every person is unique. The “special” equates in what you do that makes you an asset unlike any I’ve seen before. And in that context 95% of those I know are not special. Some want to be special and will eventually carve out a place where they can succeed, some won’t.

Furthermore, I want to say that regardless of the order of magnitude your “gift” is being special is being special. Whether you’re Obama or the prophet of your small church God’s provisions will make a way for you to shine.

I personally don’t believe everyone is special. The potential is there for everyone, however, a good amount of people will simply never actualize. Could that be that I may not see their unique qualities given my perspective? That is an absolute possibility. But given my “trimming the mental fat” disposition, those whose gifts I cannot see have no gifts and I have no interest in waiting around for you to show me. If there are those who I’m supposed to help grow and cultivate, God will show me. However, I am not here to be everyone’s cheerleader or friend.

Just being honest.



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