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Tales of my Mind III

Is someone dumb if they don’t think like you?

I say the same shit everyday about h

ow “people are stupid”, which places me in a position in which I’m posturing for superiority. Should someone say to me “Bryce you’re dumb” I would instantly say or think “no I’m not”. Therefore, when I say “people are dumb”, 1) its a vague statement which can easily be dodged 2) even if I did make it personal or specific, anyone’s natural inclination w

ould be to say “no I’m not”. Thus, society, we’ve reach an impasse. I think the

way you think is wrong. You think the way I think or perceive you is wrong.

So why then even make statements about others at all? Why not say “hey I’m different, you’re different, live and let live”? Why must we always have something to say? Why must we constantly offer our ways, our normalities, our conventions as the “acceptable” way? Every time we talk to our friends about their drama is because so and so didn’t see things their way and they absolutely believe they were right.

My qualms revolve around the concept of what “we’re supposed to do”. We’re “supposed” to wear this. Or we’re “supposed” to say that. Oh we’re not “supposed” to do this. Or that’s not “supposed” to be the way that’s done. None of these are new concerns, yet with the literal exponentiation of choices, ideas, and concepts in this day and age, its harder for pure philosophies to ring true. Obviously, purism is a luxury we can really afford to have these days. There are compromises, syncretic moves we make at the vertices of existence, therein lies the problems.

To play devil’s advocate, let’s say we all as a people stopped judging and offering opinions. Would that really be a solution? Let’s say we still lived in a relative dystopia and there were still varying viewpoints, would the stifling of individuality cause anything? No. There would be a movie made where someone would give an opinion, so simple yet pregnant with profundity that it would inspire the world to change. Then the movie would end. However, in reality the society would careen right back into the reality I live in. I can’t say fuck opinions, because that isn’t reasonable. I can’t embrace opinions because that would be insanity. I can’t say embrace some opinions while discarding others because that would be tricky, chock full of arbitration and imprecise science.

I guess the solution comes in form of a deux ex machina. I.e. God. However, as an informed Christian, I understand my concept of God is not universally accepted. It is not catholic. (The term “catholic” refers to the universality of a concept, not the Christian denomination). So you’ll find yourself at a place where no provable truth exists and even that which you find indelible, God or spirituality, will not be universally accepted.

Regardless of where you stand, regardless of how you approach it, truth is something that is not natural according to the mechanics of man. Thus the propagation of what you feel is right or wrong does not mean a fucking thing in actuality. Ergo, you telling someone how you feel about them may cause you to feel some incensed passion, but that feeling does not equate to truth. Nothing of what you say about right and wrong can be proven by something that is incapable of being manipulated.

(Disclaimer: because of my religious inclinations, I do believe that God’s wisdom supersedes that of man, thus providing for us a plan of wrong or right. But that in and of itself is a tricky thing to grasp)

So to give one’s opinion or not. Free choice right? Think about the artist you hate. For me its Kreayshawn. She represents every mother fucking thing wrong with music of today. I believe she is wrong from the moment she spews auditory feces into a microphone. Her flow is wack as fuck, what she talks about has no value, and she all around depresses me. Yet, there are countless

fans who think she’s dope. Am I wrong? Are they right? Yes and no.


Because none of these are provable. None of these carry merit. Her value is clearly something.

Crazy fucking world.



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