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10:30 am

Its better to do what you’re going to do,
As opposed to talking about it.
Don’t warn people,
Show people,
If your world suddenly turns bleak,
Don’t speak on that which has changed internally,
Simply allow those within your killshot distance,
Experience the pistols,
Piss ants.
Or perhaps just attention grabbers,
Funny how their covert tactics,
Are matched with attitudes of denial.
Perhaps I’m marred by the belief that few are truly that intelligent,
But more than likely I just don’t care.
If you have no solutions speak not.
If you aren’t in a position to describe, speak not.
You swear you’ll reach your peak, not.
As you tumble, your words will you eat, hot.
Instead of brawling with the lot of them.
I put my thoughts into a pot for them.
Let things cook and simmer, really sizzle.
Once the bell chimes I can attack for the jugular.
Irregular, insecure niggas will talk out of anger,
Funny they’ll be the ones to be racked on hangers.
The dangers of talking like an individual locked in war mode.
When the truth is you’re just praying for a door’s hold.



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