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Independent Thinker

Independent thinking. An idea which in my opinion is overused and often in the wrong way.

*disclaimer* I feel that the war on the mind is often a battle between the group consciousness vs. The individual wants.

To me an independent thinker may just, end up coming to the same conclusions, however they do it after gathering sufficient amounts of information. There is nothing more sad than a person who acts out of social acceptance or “yeeea, that sounds about right”. What’s worse yet, is that person who believes that everything they say is right and that everyone should be doing it their way. But I’ll touch on that another day.

In this quest from cognitive liberation, there are those who simply don’t care, those who avoid or ignore, and those who are hopelessly unaware. The truth being that regardless of which category you fall into the result remains the same. Those people are susceptible to attacks via the mainstream media, society as a whole, or even their more consciously aggressive friends. I used to be one. I had a friend in my first few years of high school that I followed blindly. I trusted him and respected him to such a degree that I never actually researched what he said until years later. It wasn’t really until college that I, like a lot of people, became my own man. I allowed that which I wanted to influence me, influence me and that which I didn’t, didn’t.

Therein lies much of my contention with my fellow man. We tend to allow shit to influence us that really has no true intrinsic value. “Because I’m black, I’m going to….” “Because I like so and so I’m supposed to…” We hang ourselves from invisible lines and malnourish those things inside of us which crave the ability to think freely.

Even as I write this post, however, I’m cautious to practice what I preach. I have been told in the past I can have tremendous influence over others, but I don’t want to force anyone to think like me. I’m not 100% right nor is another method 100% wrong. I think I tread the grounds of neutrality often because it allows for objective decisions at times where subjectivity gives way to volatility.

If I could plant any seeds in this world, they would simply be those which give life to cognizance. To be cognizant of your surroundings, means to understand the intricacies, the idiosyncrasies, trends, and manipulating factors in the world around you. If I could somehow help others to wake up from this destructive and suppressive world we live in, I think I’d be a satisfied person at the end of my old life.

So I’ll just keep trying to expose as much as I can via this blog.



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