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Self Discovery: Interrogation

I’m not popular,
Just respected by the few who know me,
I don’t think I’m hated,
Just misunderstood but those who haven’t taken the time,
To engage me.
I’ll admit,
I’m difficult once you get close to me.
I demand incredible amounts of attention to detail.
Inhuman competence,
Expansive knowledge,
Intrinsic beauty.
I want you to fight with me,
But understand my position.
Remain true to your roots,
Yet adopt my tradition.
Be your own edition,
But use me as an addition….
I’ll be honest.
I’m a hypocrite on occasion
Listen to me!!!
Yet I’ll rarely tune into your station,
Until you can corner me,
Or bludgeon me with unarguable facts,
Only then will you have me on my back….
I can’t help that I’m a know it all,
Smart aleck,
Eager critic,
The world around me has fashioned me,
I’ve grown up in it.
It disgusts me,
So I reupholster it.
I proffer advice, I offer commentary.
I expect my opinions to be given their proper respect.
I’m just sick of a world racked with defect.

I sometimes question,
If I’m qualified to make any sort of statement,
To pinpoint the “wrong” and leave it slumped on the pavement,
When I’m talking about loose women,
Weak men,
Stupid ass people,
The lack of free thought,
By these enslaved sheeple.
I wonder if I’m correct in my assessment,
Of men and women and their actions in love,
How you won’t find happiness in the club,
Or how my exes were counterfeits,
I wonder how I’d feel if they said their counter spits,
I question the legitimacy of my self righteousness,
This rightness,
Constant egocentric brightness,
Is it real?
Well that’s the excitement of this discovery,
The overly sensitive, intellectual, is hot on the heels of recovery,
The shrubbery which veiled my insecurities,
Has been pruned,
Now I’m left in an interrogation room,
One solitary light,
One chair,
One table,
I myself and me,
Want the story no fables,
So when I walk out this bitch I’ll know where to put these labels,
And why,
And how,
And when,
Until then…
I’m a good cop, bad cop.
With my coffee and my pistol,
I got nothing but time.
My deficiencies are sweating in the hotseat.
They know they’ll pay for the crime.
I’ll know myself before dawn comes.
I’ll know myself before dawn comes.



One response

  1. Kat

    SOLID Bryce. SOLID.

    August 15, 2011 at 7:30 am

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