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Self Discovery: Rhapsody

As my friend recently said:
Dudes want to be swept off their feet too.
Et tu…
You as well.

I want to be stuck in place,
Jaw agape,
Struck immobile by a form as her.
I want my head swimming,
Lost in the waters of possibility,
I want to drown…
In the deepest desires of my soul
A deepening of my role
I want to know Felicity.

I yearn for love at first sight.
The incongruous hardened heart of masculinity,
Does not reflect my own.
I crave a form that speaks indelibly to my immaterial man,
Grips me,
By the same sinews crafting that cotton skirt,
Wrapped precariously around supple thighs.
I plead for the mind which entices me,
A formidable opponent in conscious joust,
Synapses firing sending signals to full lips,
Entreating me to pull closer….

Eyes like windows into a soul deeper than the mighty Marianas,
Delving fathoms beneath the palpable crust,
As lips draw closer, I am swathed in the garments of trust.
Fingers long and gentle,
Hold me, touch me, soothe me,
Imbue me,
With a sensation that makes my blood simmer,
Plasma glows.
Wild tangles of hair,
Luminesce celestially against a raging fireplace.
However the bonding warmth is skin against skin.
Soul against soul.

I am enraptured.
I am ensconced…
Enveloped in a pocket of passion.
It was love at first sight.
It is love at first touch.
It will be love at first kiss.




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