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Wisdom’s Womb

And I had awoken into a tempest of strange feelings,
Mad cravings,
For a substance that I could only compare to ambrosia.
Yes the sweet nectar poured from amphora,
On the great Mount Olympus.
In my demented pining I could hear my belly bellowing,
Berating, belligerent,
So boisterous in his demand.
Mind reeling and conscious peeling
I stared at the ceiling determined to attain this treasure.
Its mellifluous words wafted in and fed me wafers.
Those that fell upon indigent ears instructed me to locate papers,
And write what I heard.
A bird chirping incessantly,
Presently reminded me it was 3 am.
Over the next few months I knew what my grail was,
I know I couldn’t fail ’cause,
This jewel was the quintessence of my life’s desires.
In Hebrew it was incarnated by Sophia.
The wiseman spoke of its close connection to the tetragrammaton.
Knowledge flows forth from Wisdom,
But Wisdom is the well spring of true understanding.
Under the cool waters of wisdom,
All things thou canst desire await.
The human mind in all of its complexity,
The dexterity of the lobes,
Integrating, innovating, sating, and creating,
Wisdom increases that worth like quantum gold plating,
Swathing each iota,
Ever synaptic cleft with a covering that shall never abate.
For in Wisdom is the mate,
That person who the journey of life is your companion.
Your Noble D’Artagnan,
Protecting your flank.
In Wisdom is the keys to your happiness.
The fulfillment of your passions,
The bastions of your rhapsodies fastened,
To your very destiny like rationed,
Sweet meat and life giving water.
If you are the vessel.
Wisdom is the water.
Filling you with life force in dimensions assigned by the Potter.
Master Craftsman,
Fashioned you to be filled with life.
Prepare to allow Understanding
And knowledge permeate your being.
And seeing,
That all things work according to you gifts,
You find your insecurities fleeing,
Your worries fleeting,
And you’ll be completing a circuit of greatness,
A switchboard of excellence,
Revulsion of petulance, strife, or the soul piercing nebulous,
And the embracement of tranquility.



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