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Love Assets.

Love is something, like death, we will all experience in our lives. Whether that is made manifest positively or negatively remains to be seen, however, the fact still remains that it is a hypercommon occurrence in human nature. We see someone or hear someone, then begin to build an intense connection to them. That connection is then fostered or denied by the other party, resulting in intense joy or heartbreaking sorrow. That then will continuously dictate our romantic endeavors, either causing us to learn from our mistakes, reject intimacy altogether, or bullishly stick our head in the sand and probably cause use to end up hurt again.

Love is an asset, as the title states, and with this asset we can interface beauty unlike anything ever experienced.

Spiritual Love. Spiritual love is the love of God. Now granted I approach everything from the Judeo-Christian tradition, I’ll be explaining this in those terms. God is everything good that has existed, exists, and will exist. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He is the greatest apeiron, where things are birthed and end. Because of this, His love for us extends from infinity to infinity. When we love him we replenish our spirits. We restore our souls and created tranquility in world full of chaos. Spiritual love seeks God in the quiet of the morning. It allows Him to hold us like a father to a child.

“God opened the skies,
Then opened my eyes,
Showed me galaxies and solar systems then sang a sweet reprise.
He sang
‘Close your eyes, little child,
Rest your heart in me,
Close your eyes little child,
For I know the things you’re searching for’…”

Intimate love. Intimate love is the expression of passion we are all the most familiar with. It brings two hearts so close to another that they should become indistinguishable from each other. Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. Two hearts become one etc. It mirrors spiritual love in that it brings 2 people, a man and woman, to a position where they can help and support one another. Through their love, they should see more beauty in God. Through God’s love they will see more beauty in their partner.

“Skin upon skin,
Lip upon neck,
Two travelers gearing up for a trek,
In front a great fire roaring,
The spirits of two beings soaring,
Oh sweet passionate kiss,
What am I to receive a joy as pure as this?
Who am I to enjoy an eternal paramour’s tryst?
As my heart exits my fingertips to be joined with hers,
And as her exits her palms to be joined with mine,
We create an open circuit filled with Divine,
To her I pledge service.
To me she pledges surplus”

There are of course other expressions of love, care, and gratitude. There’s companionate, familial, and even adversarial — love for one’s enemy. But they are revolve a central spoke of need. These expressions are just as important to life’s balance and harmony as one’s emotional or intellectual well being.

Love is something that we should look to use to benefit ourselves and others, instead of offering it as a crutch or tool for malfeasance. We should wield love like 1 John 4:18 tells us to, to cast out fear. Imagine a life where love eclipses fear, the banishment of all things which cause distress. Now imagine that allocated appropriately in your life. Imagine a gratifying walk with God and a fulfilling relationship with your significant other. Imagining putting aside differences, pains, pasts, egos, and schisms aside in your family and friends.

Love is an asset.
Use it accordingly.



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