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Ode to Joy

I’m just here to show you that what you’ve thought you wanted,
Is a fraction of what you actually deserve,
Funny, you aim for the middle,
And I test off the curve,
Now this isn’t a verb,
For me to flex an ego filled with vivacious verve,
But simply a way to make your car swerve,
Out the lane you’ve been plowing down,
Bowing down,
Before the Lord I asked Him to show me a way,
To repay the world not just by things I say,
I want to re-mold the environment like clay,
Show young women there’s more to passion than taking your clothes off,
More to intimacy than sexuality,
That sensuality,
In actually,
Feeds the eros in the heart satisfactory,
Show young men,
There’s more to living than bitches and money,
More to the sweet life than riches and honeys,
That dredging deep into one’s self to connect,
The innermost part of you to the penetrating,
Parts of divinity,
Causes joy infinity,
Suddenly the Trinity,
Creates an affinity,
That you couldn’t in your right mind deny,
We try,
To fight through life as agents of freedom,
Funny how our ignorance always seems to impede them,
Them being the unfettered existence of sheer exuberance,
We always find ourselves up against some coastal protuberance,
Praying desperately for a current to the great sea,
The great See,
A horizon full of vibrant destiny,
I just want to show the best in me,
So I can inspire the best in she,
Together we forge the best in we,
Propelled by the best in He,
Who stirs the tides to His will.
Life has the unique character of being fulfilled only by that which edifies,
Anything rife with the faux dies,
I’m just trying to open eyes.
To love.
To fulfillment.
To enthrallment.
To ebullience.
To joy untold.



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