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Reasons Why Perfection Exists

We here constantly: “there is no such thing as perfect”. I don’t know if I’m fully convinced of this. No, in a conventional sense, there is no such thing as perfect. Perfection in that sense denotes some larger superimposed rule of harmony and congruency. Perfection to the better portion of the world doesn’t exist because, well have of them can’t agree with each other about what something means to be perfect. So religion is contorted and distorted. Intimacy is taken through the ringer. Jobs are dull. Lives ruined because the idea of fulfillment through perfection is suddenly deemed unattainable by the powers that be.

I believe my idea of perfection exists.

See perfection, to me, is like beauty and thus lies solely in the eye of the beholder. I reserve the right to define something as subjective as perfection. Just as I can say “so and so is beautiful” while my friend says “no she isn’t” we are both entitled to our own conceptions of aesthetics. Those who say perfection does not exist simply fail to see the power to control the variable options in their lives. God of course is the author of existence as we know it, however, we were given certain liberties in terms of cognitive expression.

God told Adam to name the animals.

We name our terms in life. Don’t believe me? Take a look at those who are enjoying life. They made a choice to define their success a certain way. Having a perfect life does not mean you have millions of dollars, a house on the hill, a trophy wife, and a garage full of Italian sports cars. To some it may be that way, but to others being a teacher with a modest house in the country, an economy car from japan, and a high school sweetheart. The idea that my perfection must match the greater perception of perfection is the fundamental error in human reasoning.

Refer to my prior discussions on “herd mentalities”.

See man has a penetrating sense of “what is right for one is right for all.” Its this psychological utilitarianism that has driven so many kids away from their families, neighbors from neighbors, and old folks from upcoming generations. Man being an earthbound creature must evolve and actualize, each according to his propensity and whatever God has for he or her. I’ve often asked myself, “if God knew we’d sin, why would he allow us free choice?” Because free choice can end in utter harmony. As men and women conscious grow out of their primitive brain stems and into beautiful cerebrums they begin to create the lives they wish to live. Pair that with a deep spiritual connection with God and you have a being who is unique and infinite in dimension…

But our society prefers ubiquity and manmade order.

In particular, I’m thinking about perfection in love. Yes, if you believe in a woman who cooks you dinner every night, stays 20 years of age looking, and never disagrees with you you are disillusioned. That doesn’t exist and never has. But if you allow yourself to begin to work out who you are you will figure out your dimensions of perfection.Your dimensions. Your parameters. The man or woman you may be looking for may look substantially different if you are staring through the paradigms of modern day society. If all your filters are set on the McDating settings that America proffers then yea you will miss he or her and you will be frustrated.

I just recently began generating my parameters for perfection and she’s very well within reach. I know that my perfect woman will still make me mad and we’ll still fight. I know that she’ll say something dumb and I’ll react poorly. I know I’ll say something rude and she’ll get hurt. That’s not how I define perfection. Perfection does not equal everything is magically right. My perfect woman is ordained by God and supports me to maximal realization of my potential. Her beauty inspires me, her intellect challenges me, her spirituality matches mine, and she’ll be ready for love when I am. She’ll be the mother to my children and learn whatever she doesn’t know as she goes along. She’ll make mistakes. I will too. But we’ll make then together and be held responsible.

My life will get however close to perfect as I define it. Come what will and come what may, but I have 2 things on my side 1) the victory through Christ Jesus and 2) the ability to apply wisdom and create within my life.

The rest is background noise.



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