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We are, at the simplest levels,
Absorbing particles from things we see and
Things we can’t,
Music, culture, philosophies, and beliefs,
We view a painting and see different reliefs,
We retreat to our silent places and seek a different release,
But all of that is hinged upon whatever piece,
Or peace or pieces of information we took in that day,
Funny how music can mess with your mood,
Or the intake of food can change you from pliable to rude,
You brood,
With a pounding headache after a day’s worth of lyrics,
Somebody comes in and you aren’t trying hear it,
But after church, uplifted by the sermon of the pastor,
You hug faster,
Your love is more lasting,
Now you’re quicker to agree with fasting,
And praying,
But around your friends that are preying,
Your mood is dismal,
Irritation infinitesimal,
You seek out Peptobismal,
Because you swear you’re going to throw up hate,
Fuck what ol girl wore, fuck what she ate,
Skin chafed and you’re not concealing the irate,
Demeanor you’ve suddenly fallen prey to,
Today you,
Made a pact to work out, eat right, say hi,
To that weird girl with the lazy eye,
Because you’re nice guy,
Paying it forward,
You read an article and the foreword,
Said “you are what you think’
And you affirmed yourself as great,
You stood in your bathroom like you nabbed a crate,
And from your soapbox you proclaimed yourself a mate,
To sheer excellence, opulence, and unfettered abundance,
And you stepped out to a gloomy day,
But the sunshine was bright,
Rain clouds gathered,
But there were blue skies in your sight,
You hopped in your barely running car,
But you were on a first class flight.
Picked up particles of positivity,
And placed them within the parameter of principle,
Palaces erected properly posted posters your prosperity,
Yesterday, today, and forever more.
So what are you filtering?




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