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How do you define your life? I’ve often questioned things on this blog, from sex, to religion, to individuals’ modus operandi. Tonight I’m going to do a little of the same, but this time from a little more developed pretexts. The thing I strive to see organically occurring in people is the consummate or at least considerable understanding of their propensities, tendencies, actions et cetera.

I tend to be hard on rappers these days. I feel that individuals with as much influence as they have a responsibility to actually talk about things which progress. I understand that sometimes you want to have a party song or a song about relaxing with some good drink or a female, but the fact that so many artists hip-hop and other mainstream genres included hinge their career on emptiness is mind boggling. I digress. When I listen to music, in this case hip-hop, I hear a few concepts proffered almost universally. Getting money and getting women.

Let’s take a gander at this shall we?

When you talk to virtually any young man, he is hellbent on sexing as many women as humanly possible. From as early as 14 the goal of many of my brethren is dominance through sexual fulfillment. My question is why? I’ve heard everything from “its natural” to “I want experience, so that when I do settle down I’ve already done everything”. Now topics like these tread in the precarious waters between spirituality and humanity. These waters happen to be between the two oceans of pure spirituality and institutional spirituality. Pure being completely uninhibited, unabated expressions from the spirit. Institutional being what various churches and religious organizations have told you.

Sex is the purest, most primeval expression of intimacy and passion. It is a hot blooded, explosive cauldron of frustration, ecstasy, and attraction. However, it is fundamentally received differently by men and women. Furthermore, as time has trudged on and society has been freed, more and more premarital sex has been less demonized and more accepted. The reasons for this are endless, and I’m not writing this post on whether its right or wrong, I’m simply establishing background. Sex has always been used as a symbol of power. In the ancient world, marauders would rape their enemy’s women and sell them into slavery. Many kings were seduced by women for either the purpose of influencing legislation or usurping authority at the king’s moments of vulnerability. Sex is so much more than “getting bitches to come to the house”. Sex has a spirit in and of itself.

The spirit of sex is a many headed chimera. A hydra as it were. Its awesome in pleasure, yet destructive if wielded incorrectly. Rappers are quick to talk about the amount of women they’ve tagged. Women are objects of abject sexuality and merely spoils of conquest.

Sex feels good. Right?

I look at my niece and nephew and I look at the world to which they are born. I look at the kids slightly younger than me, active at ages that I was still playing card games. I question their motives. I am no mind reader, nor am I going to offer myself as a pundit, but I have a hard time believing these kids understand the gravity of sexual exploration. Besides the banal physical qualities of sex, there are countless emotional and mental reverberations. There are reflections in the spirit. Ties are made. Walls broken (literally and figuratively). Having sex used to be synonymous with becoming a man. Now it is nothing more than a mere step in feeding our generations’ carnal obsession with instant gratification.

What then drives us to sex? Is it innate? Is it the influences from stimuli around us? I say yes to all of the above. Just like its natural to hit a person when angry, sex is a natural impulse. However, as natural as it is, you can’t go around hitting people. Sex, when done to an abusive or desensitized extent, loses its luster and becomes exercise. But look at our environments, especially in a liberal metropolis like LA. Sex is cool. Sex is preferred. Sex is expected. Its a journey of pleasure that isn’t sacred, its just what is done. Women become bitches. Men become money or dick. We prostitute ourselves out for the sake of pleasure.

Do not misinterpret me. Sex is not wrong, evil, or bad. I’m simply stirring my readers’ minds to understand what our society’s obsession with it is. Why do we stare at the TV salaciously when a beautiful woman or well built man comes on? Why does sex sell? Who is in control of your brain? What are you allowing to dictate the parameters in your life? If you do enjoy multiple sex partners, why? If you prefer one, why? What does this say about you?

More important, how does this affect your future?

The problem with everything in life is that they have echoes in the future. A woman who lives a slutty young life may ruin her chances of being with the man she wanted. A man who fucked everything moving, may never fully appreciate women as women. Emotional damage is what I’m speaking to. These are all hypothetical what ifs that may have no merit to you and that’s fine. But the understanding of your actions now leaves room for error later.

We will all mess up. Understanding your actions simply mitigates the consequences.



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