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We Are

She is.
A soul searcher,
Praying archer,
With arrows demolishing the invading marcher,
A sweet believer,
Goal achiever,
When my heart was lost she was my sweet retriever,
My spirit’s seeker,
My favorite speaker,
Mellifluous voice makes my heart pound quicker,
I love her presence,
She is beauty’s essence,
She is the pinnacle form of perfection’s quintessence.

I am.
The first of many,
To pierce her heart,
The first to know the end from the start,
Of her bits of crazy,
I know this lady,
I see her clearly when her motives are hazy.
I am.
Her soul’s protector,
The never neglect her,
When she’s broken to pieces I am the shard collector,
To put her together,
Hold it tight with my arms,
I am the one who needed no deceitful charms,
The one who won without illegal harms,
When I entered her fortress there were no klaxons no alarms.
I am.
The man she prayed for,
The man she stayed for,
Paired herself to virtue the one she cares for,
And I will love her forever more.

We are.
Destiny realized,
Like real eyes,
Gazing upon a miracle in real time,
I feel lines,
Drawn between us like romantic atlantic keel lines,
We hold fast,
Tethered to dreams like sails upon the hull’s mast,
They carry us,
Never tarry us,
Because when I’m by her side I swear these feelings can marry us,
So I bury crust,
And dirt, and mud, and soot from my past life,
And I pass life,
A voucher asking for a vast life,
Because we are,
The last of dying breed,
The last of sighing seed,
Of trees,
Who crave love like sunshine to leaves,
We are those who never leave,
Those who suddenly,
Cleave to the sleeve,
And plan to never bereave,
We will long before don greaves,
And chest plates, and helmets,
Swords will we wield,
And shields,
Yes we will take to the fields,
To wage war on desolation..
We are.
Each other’s consolation,
Clustered together like constellations,
She is the incarnation of my patience,
Since I waited day after night for her.
We are.
Prayers answered,
Oh love divine.
We are
Because I am hers
And she is mine.



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