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Contradictions: The Accepted Ways of Life

Be yourself. Learn the rules. Be open minded. Protect your mind from attack. Love your neighbor. Trust no one. Fall in love. Be independent. Fuck bitches, get money. Monogamy. Experience. Take your time. Love at first sight. Listen to your heart. Your heart can get you in trouble. Only worry about what you can control. Do whatever you can to not fail. You can be anything you want to be. You can only do that which God ordains you to do. Love at first sight. Take your time. I instantly knew she was the one. Don’t rush anything.

These are a few of the contrasting axioms our society panders in one way or another. We have flooded the collective consciousness with stark contradictions, confusing damn near anyone who is prepared to make serious decisions. I will often times lay in my room literally running over the consequences and benefits of decisions. Most people would say that’s good, think before you act. But then on the flipside of that coin is the “stop living in your head and go out and live” lane of logic. Accompanying those voices are the “you only live once” and “you think too much, just do”. It seems that for any young person standing at a fork in the road there is no real wrong answer.

In a society which has polarized in a 1200 sided polygon, what do you expect?

One cannot get something for nothing. As America and the western world has opened up to new thoughts and ideas under hands off governments, the milieu created after these centuries is nothing short of a philosophical, ethical, religious, and cognitive cornucopia. Literally, we exist in a schmorgesborg of pathways. One can scrutinize this whole system ad nauseum and realize there are a few problems to life pedagogies. Let’s call them misconceptions:

1) There is no such this as black and white NOR IS THERE NO SUCH THING AS GRAY. Life has no definite spectral parameters. There is no such thing as 1 or 2 or even 100 answers to any one question. There are infinite permutations and combinations to any inquiry. Rarely is life concerned about getting from A to B. Its about getting from A to 95.

2) Life is not linear. Things don’t just make sense. This may a bit of a Captain Obvious observation, but I think this is something we should all meditate on. We often see life like this: Problem —> Solution –> Resolution. Example. I’m going through a financial struggle, I pray for money to get me through, I get the money, I appreciate God in his Providence. But how many times does this happen smoothly? How many times have you heard preachers directly contradict themselves on topics of this ilk? One Sunday its ‘believe and receive’ the next its ‘God doesn’t want that for you’ the next Sunday its ‘God does not tarry’ the next its ‘its God’s timing’. This is something that drives many nonreligious people bananas. The fact that as widely revered as the Bible is, it is far from straight to the point or linear.

3) Life is not fair. Karma does not always exist. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. Just because a man or woman did you wrong, does not mean they will be directly done wrong. Life cannot be broken down to a common denominator. It deals with imbalances its own way, which cannot be referred to as fairness.

4) Life is not universal nor utilitarian. I cannot give you definitive advice from my life and expect you to get identical results. What is good for one is not good for the whole. Thus explaining the confusion of books like the Bible. The Bible is a guide for several billion people on earth and must be relevant to all. If all cannot expect the identical lives or circumstances then the guide must be flexible enough to allow for margins.

5) Right and wrong only exist once you accept them as such. Unless you consciously or unconsciously accept something, that thing does not mean anything to you. If I am from an extremely conservative community and I believe women should not wear pants and I end up in LA shocked and appalled, who’s right and who’s wrong? Neither. One may be a bit disillusioned and antiquated, but he is entitled to believe whatever he wants.

6) You will innately accept right and wrong on a macro scale, however, the devil is in the details. We can all pretty much agree that something major like murder is wrong, but if we zoomed in a bit and said killing out of self defense.. I guarantee the crowd would be less unanimous. We are hardwired from birth to accept certain things, but as we get older and become more exposed to alternate cultures and belief systems our conscious pool becomes muddied.

7) There are few experts on life and their expertise may or may not work for you. God gave you free will to find happiness, fulfillment, and to reach your full potential. You will find it eventually, but how I think you should find it and how you do may end up being different.

8) Very little of life is definitive or rigid. Life is a fluid entity and there are plenty of skills that a select few of us know that can help you with your. However, you will define your own life. Your walk with God, your life choices, your risk management, your love life, your pain, your happiness, YOUR SPIRIT AND YOUR MIND’S STRENGTH will ultimately be the only parameters that matter when you leave this earth. And when you do leave this earth, your parameters, your strict rules to personal success will die with you. You may be archetypal, you may have something that people can learn from, but no one can and ever will be just like you.

9) The only impossible things you will face are the demons created by yourself and your enemies to inhibit you. If the devil can use you to keep you down, you will never be a threat.

10) Everything matters. Even that which doesn’t matter. That which doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter because its importance hasn’t entered your psyche yet. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important, it simply means YOU don’t think its important. When I was 17 I thought I’d be married by 23. That’s what I thought, but that didn’t make it true. Thus just because you think something does not make you right. It makes you active.

This list could probably go on into the 20s or 30s but I think you get the point. I’m really getting sick of all these McLife, commercial philosophers trying to sell everyone the same dream. I would absolutely love it if everyone in the world thought like me. Logical. Straightforward. But that isn’t feasible. Even as a Christian I understand that things like this could be seen as heretical to a hardcore fundamental. However, remember, I’ve grown away from black and white. Just because I’m not saying what they believe does not mean I oppose them. There are more sides to any story than plaintiff versus defendant. If Christianity was practiced in its created form, society would in fact accept these rules as truth.

But I digress.

These observations must be practiced with wisdom. Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge. Thus, if society were to take a uniform cognitive leap forward with wisdom I believe we’d literally evolve.

My take home point. Life is what YOU make of it. People will scream until they’re blue in the face about what you’re doing. And sometimes you will actually BE the “people” screaming in someone’s face. You’ll never be 100% right because there is no such thing.



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