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Dead Religion

Piety used to be that which brought together all,
Now religion without spirit is called wrong,
Religious institutions catch darts and arrows from the liberated,
Those who follow the same Messiah,
Yet do without all the conventions,
Within organized worship are the inescapable flaws of humanity,
Like greed, hypocrisy, and lies,
Faith is no longer revered in the pulpit,
Yet songs and dances are performed for money,
Bring your wallets, yes indeed,
Get to God, for a fee,
Yes that’s the old world of religion,
The old world of women are seen and not heard,
And must wear hats upon their head,
The old world of sunday suits,
And church boards,
Usual complete disregarding of Christ’s words,
Religion is a money machine,
Lean and mean it is not.
For it is fat and jovial.
Never prepared for a spiritual fight.
Never prepared for demonic plight.
It turns and runs from the thief in the night.
It makes sure only the baby in the mangers in sight,
On Christmas.
You can’t run to it when your daughter comes home pregnant,
Or when your star athlete tears an ACL,
Religion is no friend when your rent is paid,
Because its assuring you you’re going to hell,
Its reminding you of all you done wrong,
Painted ladies all lined up singing sunday morning songs,
Snickering and chastising you,
Spreading rumors about your kin,
When their sitting in the House of God,
Literally bathing in pools of sin,
But Religion loves the double minded,
And only caters to the Sunday Warriors,
Religion condemns but does not redeem,
Religion oppresses but makes a face to seem,
Like its a benevolent entity fighting on your team.
So we look to spirituality,
The genuine, original intentions of God Almighty,
It soaks up the necrotic filth of the institution,
And generates life within the church once again.
The lines have been blurred for centuries now.
Religion has been used to enslave millions of blacks,
While spirituality set their spirits free,
The Enemy can and will use a menagerie of attacks,
But he who is of the spirit, discerns everything



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