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Perfect Love: The Stifling of Fear

For thousands of years life revolved around suppression. From religion to governance, people were reminded that they couldn’t just do whatever they wanted. Freedom was a word that meant little more than the absence of bondage. Human beings are quick to place parameters on that which we don’t instantly agree with. We are quick the judge the mind and the practices of others. If it doesn’t mirror our logic or preferences, then that thing is probably wrong. Of course in that assertion lies macro errors. But nevertheless, these are the environs we have been born into for the better portion of human civilization.

Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners or that which is perceived as different or strange. America has been an interesting case study in xenophobia and hypocrisy, along with closed mindedness and persecution. The problem with human suppression is that it is based on assumptions or variables which are not likely to be accepted by all affected parties. When the African Slave Trade was at its perigee, white slave owners made their stance upon “God wants you to be slaves” and white supremacy. These were two hopelessly wrong assumptions which ruined the lives of an entire race of displaced people and generations to come. But I’m not bigot, this same type of psychological genocide was inflicted upon the Native Americans, the Irish, the Italians, and the Jews. This brand of oppression came with a whole set of regulations that were founded on opinions, toxic opinions of a misguided ethnic group.

As we evolved out of the overt, abrasive forms of suppression, we developed increasingly more subtle ways to subdue the minds of others. From public relations, to propaganda, to race laws like Jim Crow, we continuously fueled the fire of inequity and nonprogression. The 20th century were 10 decades of emancipation for many countries. From small nations in Africa to superpowers like Russia, the very landscape of this planet shifted rapidly. Suppression then fragmented, as various powers that be clambered for influence. Now the oppression of people is mere speculation. Shadowy entities like banking cartels, the Illuminati, and globalists are accused of pulling subliminal strings in order for us to dance the bread dead marionette waltz.

But now there is a parallel issue unfolding before our eyes. In Newtonian mechanics, a law asserts that: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this social reaction I’m describing the action is the release of overt tactics on suppression, the reaction is thus the replace those former forces with whatever we can jam into our psyches. This includes other cultural practices not native to our own, this includes media and entertainment (which contain the bulk of subliminal enslavement tools), and of course that which Proverbs 3 warns us of, our own understanding of things. History has proven that man is wrong about things damn near all the time. Every so often there are revisions to theorems and postulates. For example, medieval doctors believed that sickness was caused by bad humors and encouraged blood letting. In the 1800s those suffering from psychosis or dementia were treated like criminals. We have literally trial and errored ourselves through several millenia of existence.
With all of this stated, I’m seeing a little more about how the mind works. Just like masters and slaves in antebellum America, if we can convince ourselves something is right, then its right. It isn’t until someone comes along and breaks the bonds of ignorance that that concept is relinquished. We as a species cannot take the time to just get things right. We are too consumed with our own self righteousness that it seems unlikely that we’d create any sort of real harmony on a systemic level. Sure collaboration exists on a grassroots or basal level, but the moment we entered into an agreement with a large group of different people, the intense xenophobia, self righteousness, and discomfort would inevitably rear its bigoted head on both sides. No one wants to admit we’ve been wrong far too long and its time to start teaching and LISTENING to one another. 1 John 4:18 says there is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear.

I am not saying this world will ever develop the perfect formula for peace and agreement, that is implausible. My position is that if we were to ever attain the level of love that God did, truly embody the stances Jesus took, love would mimic peace on a global level. Notice that the opposite of love is not hate but fear. This world is too fearful and thus our mental evolution has grown from one brand of fear to another. When will we get it together?



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