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Possibilities, Permutations, & Variables: The Human Condition II

If we could as a species definitively agree upon something we would take a quantum leap forward. Where the difficulty lies is in actually convincing someone of what we’re agreeing upon. There are approximately 310,000,000 — that’s 310 million — people living in the United States. In order for a decision to be made or at least for people to be in agreement that means all of those individuals would need to be approximately 90% sure (estimation) that this was right. The chances of that occurring, if my math proves correct, would be 1 out of 2.79*10^10. Virtually impossible. Now granted this is crude math and I’m not attempting to publish a scholarly journal on this, but I am trying to emphasize the just ridiculously small chances of this occurring.

I was in the shower earlier and I while I was praying I asked the Lord a series of questions as I always do. I find it best to go to Him with my heart full of inquiries and literally dump my troubles on Him. I told the Lord that my biggest gripe in life is that I’m not perfect. It seems like no matter what is done, I’m always needing to make some adjustments to myself or my perception so that I’m one step closer to glory. Now translating that across 310 million Americans, one can see how these constant micro adjustments would add up. If each of us is going through this miniature evolution, the Venn diagrams we’re creating via overlap is nothing short of a cacophony. Not to mention that we each begin discerning the variables (see last post), from platforms of various assumptions. These assumptions set us up for a particular trajectory which may or may not change through the years.

My obsession with all of this stems from my upbringing. Coming from a rather conservative house in suburban Oklahoma and evolving into a completely different family in metropolitan LA, I have seen subtle differences in my family. My mom was one who was always confident in her judgments. Thus I was raised in a house which, like every other home in America, believed they were undoubtedly right. As I got older and began interacting with other families who didn’t think like us, yet seemed to do just fine I began asking myself a series of existential questions. I was from a highly critical household (hence my personality) in which no one was exempt from the clutches of our observational scrutiny. Yet, I had to ask myself as I got older…

Were we even right?

We will find ourselves constantly constructing and reconstructing the world to fit our acceptable parameters, regardless of how that is received by others. This is essentially the pool from which I begin my cognitive beverages. If we were so vehement in our positions then, but forced to abandon them and essentially grow up to now, what is to be said about the permutations we created? Every critical statement, every judgment passed were words we used to create reality. Those realities had reverberations. That’s what I’m getting at these days. As things reshape, move, and evolve, their old footprints don’t magically disappear…

Take Christianity for example. For nearly 2000 years cats have been doing things, then other people create factions and sects to either oppose or defend them. The Apologetics, the Knights Templar, the Baptists, the original Bavarian Illuminati (the actual historical entity which were scientists fundamentally opposed to the church), the Mormons, and of course all the denominations and variations of Christ’s testimony that we see today. Opponents of Christianity will point to this inconsistency, that we as a religion have in fact done countless atrocities and tried to ignore them within the contexts of human evolution. Even this day, the Christian service is outrageously different than the Christian service of say, the 70s. As a religion, Christianity has millions of variables that are left up to interpretation and “revelation”. Yet the revelation of a person must be deemed acceptable by a mass of people before a following can be created. When the following is created, the opponents of that sect refer to them as a “cult”. Opinions are then formed and those create another endless cascade of permutations and possibilities.

See what I’m saying? In virtually every act of human free will there are millions of things going on. These factors, I’m calling variables, are so concrete when looking in retrospect, yet in real time they are abstractions and many times faith based. As we expand and contract as human beings, we must be aware of the fact that we are affecting our environment. We are affecting the system. Thus the opinions we are generating hold weight in that they create something. Whether that something is something we accept or not, that something is being heard by others. Opinions are like sicknesses, even if you don’t catch it, it can spread all around you. Those opinions are then downloaded in a plethora of different ways, but they do affect your life.

These posts are a way for me to shoot off steam. If been burdened by these logical eddies for far too long. Ironically, a lot of these will probably change in the time to come (ironic), but I’m trying to achieve a harmony within myself and this is my chosen path.

Hopefully this brain stew makes sense to someone.



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