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Looking In The Mirror & Calling your Reflection Ugly

Quick to call another a groupie,
But you’re waiting in a long line, rain pouring just to catch a glimpse,
You’re calling her a slut?
But you’re living a life where you’re a ho and he’s a pimp,
He cheats, and lies, and here you come limp,
Crawling back into his arms?
You’re calling another man lame?
When the life you’re living is nothing short of the same?
When the blood in your arms is as red as his veins?
Seems to me this world is locked in some chains,
I’ll be a liberated dude when someone unlocks the brains,
Of the same people claiming to be riding on trains,
To legendary, historically, seismically,
Not just rhetorically,
Or metaphorically,
We live as legends in our own minds,
Central characters in vast epics,
But the lives we live are impotent or at best regular,
And yet our autobiographies are puffed up,
Stuffed up about the niggas we done roughed up,
Or the bad bitches we done cuffed up,
Or the modeling contract were about to sign,
Or how every nigga wants you to be their valentine,
Or how that slut want to be you,
Or that dude don’t want to see you,
Or your futures bright and you got big dreams,
Fuck them other niggas let em drown in their Jim Beams,
Or “why is this girl doing this”
And “why is this fool doing that”
Or “why do this guy not get the point?”
Or “girl he wants me cuz my ass is fat”
You’re the best right?
And you’re the most desired,
Until someone poses the questions,
Then you’re quiet like a sinful choir,
Fuck the games and the shadows,
I’m tired of hopeful egotistical lives.
These celebrities in their own mind’s,
These I know I’m right cuz my momma taught me rights,
These I know I’m on cuz a nigga stay on his grinds,
As of right now,
You are exactly like every other person in your place,
Your space, your face,
You are in the same race.



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