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Observations: A Fragmented People

I have often tried to argue from a position of omniscience or at least detached observation. However, intense introspection has granted me an understanding that I am just as culpable as my peers, elders, and successors. See, as a hypercritic, I am apt to find error in that which I am viewing and thus I have tried to remove myself from the errors of my predecessors. But, being of fallible human flesh, I simply fall short of the “flawless” existence I subconsciously strive for.

In my observations and subsequent analysis/explanation I will sometimes project my own deficiencies and disparities upon that which I see, because what I’m viewing is that which I don’t like in myself. This has caused me great duress in recent times, because it diminishes the objectivity of the observation and causes me to reflect on more than I had originally set out to ponder. However, I’m beginning to spot cognitive patterns in my passionate sermons and the perceived errors of my fellow man.


We are a severely, severely disjointed people. Be it race, class, age, ethnicity, education level or whatever, there are seemingly endless categorizations that seem to quantify us and qualify us leading to further distancing from one another. When I begin to do my soapbox speeches, its usually due to some disconnect I see between myself and the group I am importuning. Be it political, philosophical, or religious I see things aren’t lining up and I become fervent about understanding the shuffle. Then as I begin to look at people, things jump out at me, mainly one’s reliance on their experience and subsequent formed opinion and bam! they’re kicking out their “truths”. We are a people of infinite truths.

Let’s take a look at Obama. I believe the entire US government is a pawn of the globalist elite. I am a conspiracy theorist. I believe the president is nothing more than a puppet. However, there are people around me who would take a bullet for President Obama. As I spew my “truth” and they spew theirs, the imminent showdown is destined to occur. But how can we ever say who’s right? Well we can’t. I have compelling evidence behind my views and my opponents do as well.

As the world is brought in closer proximity to one another due to the marvels of technology, we are interfacing as a fragmented society with thousands of people per day. Yet few people seem to listen to one another. It isn’t until a person takes a quantum leap, whether romantically or usually financially and subsequently socially, that the incessantly chattering masses actually begin to listen. We act like particles in space. We float freely through hard vacuum until something large enough to draw us in to its gravitational field does. Thus mainstream media, celebrities, politicians and pundits take precedence.

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