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Thoughts II

According to me there are at least 4 major components to every person: the spirit, the mind, the soul, and the body. As far as my philosophy goes, the soul and the heart are virtually synonymous, and in many of my poems these two are romanticized in such a way that they serve as the emotional, instinctual center of every being. It houses the conscience.. Although the conscience is also affected by the spirit. The body is the incarnate form of life. It is the actual physical representation of vitality. The genotype. The spirit is the deposited piece of God, the Lord broke off a piece of Himself and placed it in all of us.

Then there’s the mind. The mind is a case study. See once a child is born, the body is already dying. The spirit is eternal and is hardlined to the divine wisdom of God. It doesn’t change much. The soul/heart is fickle. It wavers constantly, driven by emotion, stimuli, and raw instinct. The mind however, possesses the unique ability to grow and expand infinitely. The mind is the most adaptive of all these 4. While the body, spirit, and soul are all incredibly important components, they can become slaves to the mind.

The mind adapts to everything. Environment, history, feelings, mood, people, lessons… And as we’ve all learned, we only use approximately 10-20% of our brain. Therefore, as far as metaphysics are concerned, the mind is an untapped entity, a hurricane force in terms of power and control. The wellspring of thought, the mind can overcome or it an acquiesce. It can create a plan or it can follow instructions. It is taught to learn and then adapt. The beauty is in the creation part.

See we were created by a Creator who allowed us to create. We then by default are imaginative and shrewd beings. We can inspire or destroy. We can coerce, invite, or manipulate. We can understand or decipher. But how we go about doing any of these lies in the sheer marvel that is the brain. As we develop, the mind must make sense of what we are going through. This then shapes our cognitive patterns. If we’ve seen 2 parents live in harmony, we learn how to live in harmony. This being predicated on whatever else we pick up along the way. As we learn things and create pathways for ourselves, we subject our entire existence to the whim of our mind. It isn’t until we reach something truly emotional or spiritual that we see the tension within a person. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

The mind is limited to the parameters which it has learned, predominantly that taught by parents, trusted parties like friends, and the umbrella of society. Whatever is the norm becomes the baseline for the mind. Now factor in anomalies like a broken home or molestation or drug abuse etc and you will see deviations from the average. Set the population to be something gargantuan like America and the deviations are expansive. However, the fact remains true that whether you are a healthy chiropractor from Maine or a paranoid construction worker from Seattle, you have been taught from a young age the limits of life.

Bills. Illness. Sadness. Police. Courthouse. Failure. Loss. These things define clear walls that the mind will ruthlessly assimilate into its cryptic logic. This is what drives the mind to pessimism, “realism”, and ever fatalism. If the mind accepts that these boundaries are impregnable, the mind will cope with that accordingly. It isn’t until you begin to mentally challenge those barriers that the conscious is even aware that the overall mind has placed them there. Even more so, as those barriers are attacked, the mind will begin upset with the uprooting of its stasis and only then can enlightenment begin.

Enlightenment is the mind pushing past barriers and trekking to new horizons. It takes a severe shock to the system to get that. Or guidance from the spirit. See the mind is a computer. It needs rules until a more superior machine can reprogram it to achieve more. The spirit is that machine. The spirit is a program an instruction manual on how to push past the limits of what’s been taught thus far. Once that begins to happen, the mind will — hesitantly at first — begin accepting new data thus propelling the person to new places of cognition.

Most impressive about the mind, especially as it expands while paradoxically focusing on something, is its ability to physically alter this dimension. That’s fancy talk for what you think affects the world. If you can obsess over something like getting into school, you can effectively get into it. The mind is powerful because it is connected to the metaphysical spirit and soul. All of these working in tandem can literally move mountains.

The mind is the powerhouse of thought. It is a computer which can be programmed and reprogrammed depending on the occasion. If you aren’t actively updating your mind like iOS5 or Windows, you are operating on a jurassic system. An outdated system gives rise to acceptance of defeat and a life of mediocrity. It accepts failure as the end. It is skeptical of enlightenment because it cannot compute the plausibility of anything outside of it archaic, limited world.

The first step to mind expansion is realizing that the implausible is not the impossible. And if we were created in God’s image and He’s the God of the impossible, imagine what He can do about the implausible.

Its time to update your thought operating system.



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