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Thoughts III: The Thought Spectrum. Faith, Uncertainty, and Disbelief

Your thoughts are like energy levels or states of matter. See at one end of the spectrum there’s solids. Low energy and low movement by molecules. The next phase is liquid, more movement and more energy. Then gas and plasma. Even more energy and movement respectively. Now as a substance changes from states to state, does thr substance’s molecular form change?

No it does not.

Whether water is ice, liquid, or water vapor its molecular formula is still H20 and that is not going to change. Thoughts are very, very similar. See the thought spectrum ranges from faith, to uncertainty, to disbelief with of course a variety of subphases in the between. Thoughts can go through phase changes, which if uncontrolled can cause the thinker to experience different things some good and some bad. Just think about the benefits of ice, liquid water, and water vapor… None of them are better than the other in totality, for they each have specific purposes and can be harnessed for different utilities.

Faith is something we are all born with. Think about a child between the ages of 0 months to about 8 years old, they wake up not knowing about how they’ll be clothed or what they’ll eat but just know that things take care of themselves. God has meted out to all of us a measure of faith which is the purest form of all active thought. Now faith isn’t all spiritual. Faith is simply believing in a formula and its subsequent outcome. Faith is saying “I’m going to study for this test because positive study habits provide better test results.” Its creating an solution and going through the equation knowing that it will work. Faith is a great place to be because it allows us to utilize virtually all of our potential.

Uncertainty is the nest phase. Uncertainty occurs when we see that life isn’t necessarily as easy as we viewed before. Its the awkward phase in life. Its your first run in with an unreliable person or your first break up. Its waking up on Christmas morning to no toys because your parents couldn’t afford them. Its losing a close family member to a disease. Its the rational reaction to “life isn’t fair” and “shit happens”. No longer are you quick to assume that life works on your behalf and things don’t always work out. Where faith can sometimes be naïve, uncertainty is the “eye opening” experience.

Disbelief is chronic exposure to the elements that incite uncertainty. These thoughts are “pessimistic”, caustic, and critical. They challenge the status quo and see simply results. Many empiricists are disbelievers, because until a thing can produce a thing of its own, that thing is unviable. Disbelief is the response to many breakups and fake friends. Its being homeless at 13 and 16. Being picked on or being hungry. Its being racially marginalized for decades and seeing every white person as the enemy. Its distrusting the government because they are all crooks and duplicitous. Disbelief has a hard time believing there is a God, especially a transcendent God who is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Disbelief can barely find love because its stuck to its past etc.

The overwhelming majority of my thoughts leaned to disbelief for the last 6 years. As I experienced more disappointment more of my thoughts phase shifted down to disbelief. My uncertainty began when I got to California. I was a spoiled kid from the suburbs of Oklahoma, cast into the urban jungle that is east Inglewood. I had many nights with little to no food, a decade straight of underwhelming Christmases even though my dad worked hard, heartbreaks, and insecurity. By the time I entered high school I simply wanted to survive, Darwinism, and I phase shifted even more each year in to a callous, unbelieving prick.

Here’s the beauty though. Cancer cells are nothing but normal cells gone rogue. They phase shift into something malignant, like faith to disbelief. However, if one can apply the appropriate mental treatment, one can get back to the original phase, faith.

And what is faith plus experience? Wisdom. Being a child is in fact naïve and expected manna to fall from the sky is idiocy. However, taking all the pain and disappointment you’ve experienced and still believing in God’s triumph in your life inspires wisdom. If you can simply grasp the concept that you live in a limitless system created with limits, you can begin to move mountains. Mankind, especially when they allow their spirit to lead their mind possess infinite potential. When paired with a belief that you will succeed at something, like say a marriage or a business or a career choice, you create a mental and spiritual picture which becomes currency to this earth.

Equate in patience with the reduction of pride, then you allow more room for progress.

So here’s the formula:
1) Faith (belief in the success of something) + Experience (that which has shaped your perception/perspective) = Wisdom.
2) Wisdom + Patience (knowing God has a timetable superior to yours) – Pride (or obstructive ego) = Progress
3) Faith —–> Progress by way of Respecting the process (whatever method you have prayed, meditated, or thought excessively about)

Allow your thoughts to get back to faith. Even if you aren’t necessarily God fearing, understand that faith in something promotes the mind to fall in love with something. When you do find your psyche enamored with a goal or concept you will be more prone to discovering a way of accomplishing that. Disbelief and uncertainty cloud pure intent behind fear, pain, and doubt. They are like having a Plan B and C because you can never fully commit to plan A. COMMIT TO PLAN A AND PLAN B AND C NO LONGER ARE IMPORTANT.

Remember that faith is a hope for better things to come, even if that means things aren’t perfect as you work to that place. Faith is an obsession with betterment, a blanket of peace in time of turmoil, and verification in time of harvest.

Keep your thoughts in line with faith and watch your life turn around.



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