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Thoughts VI: The Lemniscate Theory

For those of you have read the introduction to this miniseries, you will recall my discussion of asymptotes, the lemniscate (the sign for infinity), and limitlessness or infinity existing within boundaries (a straight paradox if ever there was one). If you didn’t read it and don’t feel like scrolling down to find it, here’s a very brief summary:

An asymptote is a line in mathematics that gets infinitely close to a number without ever touching it. These graphs usually describe functions such as logarithms and the like. What an asymptote points to is the idea that there are an infinite number of values between any two points. For instance, between 1 and 2 one can have: 1, 1.01, 1.001, 1.0001 and so on until an infinite number of zeroes. Or even: ~1.9, 1.99, 1.999 and so on. Within the discrete parameters of a number n and another value m an infinite amount of space can be count from it. However, for conventional mathematics, its simple to just think in terms of real integers or fractions.

How this translates to humanity takes a bit of critical thinking, but is applicable. Man is created with tangible and conceptual limits. Tangible being things like we ourselves cannot fly or as far as evolution has us we cannot run 100 meters in less than 9.5 seconds. These are bodily parameters. Also, the biggest tangible limit is death. From the moment we are born, we are essentially dying. Conceptually, our limits are more abstract. A conceptual limit is something like a Christian understanding a transcendent, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God. We cannot really put that into understanding because our minds will not see this reality in our lifetime. Other less supernatural conceptual limits are man’s naturally fallibility. Things like greed, lust, covetousness, anger, pride (all the cardinal sins), and selfishness lend to the creation of boundaries by which we can further exacerbate limits on others. Just take the Occupy Wall Street movement. Due to the selfishness, greed, and manipulation by the plutocratic 1% elite, the 99% has been left to foot trillions of dollars on a bill we were the victims of.

However, within these limits, God has placed infinite potential and opportunity. I call them variables. Daily we experience hundreds of variables, over a lifetime an infinite amount. Due to the sheer immensity of all the things we can be or do, the Lemniscate Theory simply states that: we are infinite beings, who can enjoy infinite existences, within the boundaries of life. This is humanity in totality and also on an individual level. If God doesn’t end the world, or hell, we don’t nuke the joint ourselves, the human species can evolve infinitely. We can continuously make quantum leaps as a species and extend our dominion, prowess, and acumen over virtually anything. On a micro scale, we ourselves exhibit limitless identities. Via divinity and just being ourselves.

The Wise Man says in Proverbs “commit thy works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established”. God thinks infinite thoughts. He thinks integrate, innovate, and create but ceaselessly expanding. If we allow Him to guide our thoughts, then we become more like Him, more prone to succeeding in ways we never knew imaginable. We can transcend the borders of old thought while inventing new, better thoughts. Also affiliated with the Lemniscate Theory, is the concept that anything that has ever been thought was already thought since the beginning of creation, by the Chief Thinker which I know as Yahweh or God. Therefore, as we access His thoughts, He offers keys to thoughts on new frontiers.

Applying the Lemniscate Theory to your life enables you to realize that anything, anything, you set out to do is possible. Because you are limitless and because there are infinite combinations and permutations for your success, your triumphs can be attained. However, just as likely the positive, the negative. There are also limitless ways to live in failure and bind yourself to a limited existence. This is what we see on the daily. People choosing to live in defeat. This in turn is made worse by those with influence who create limited environments. The power elite, the slumlord, the biased governmental agencies, the foreign tyrants, the murderous militias in developing countries. Racism, elitism, pride, and the like all contribute to the limits you can place on a person’s mind.

The spirit is always unlimited, however, tapping into it is like tapping into a bottomless ocean, you will always be refreshed.

The Lemniscate Theory is provable by anyone. It takes the equation from “Thoughts V: The Equation” and conceptualizes it for anyone. You can by your faith create a world in which you can succeed. With God you can create one where many can succeed. By relinquishing all of the old disbelief (Thoughts III: The Thought Spectrum) and getting as many of your brain cells locked into the wellspring of infinite opportunity, faith, you can and will see, feel, and more importantly know that your life is getting better. Doesn’t mean you’ll be rich, famous, fall in love with a model, or whatever fallible things we as humans equate to “happiness”, but faith will help you actualize.

The Lemniscate Theory Works. I’m living, daily proof.



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