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Thoughts X Poem: The Eradication of Impossible

See impossibility to me used to mean,
Those things which a human being,
Couldn’t do.
Wouldn’t pull through,
And Christianity to me,
Was a religion of the West,
Where a Great Man at the behest,
Of the Same God who was He,
Paid the price for you and me.
But lo,
Where my mind has been pulled to go,
Is a place I wish to show,
Every person whose wanted more from life.
Impossible is what you make it.
Possible is what you make it.
Life is how you take it.
If you ask Life for a quarter,
It’ll readily give you two nickels and a dime,
If you ask for infinite wisdom,
It will show you endless chasms to mine,
And that my friend is where you can find,
A knowledge & treasure seeker like I,
Waist deep in the primordial sludge of raw understanding,
But within this rich soup,
Lies the infinite loops,
That the Lemniscate so aptly describes.
God. Man. A world without limits.
Do the daisies worry about their wonderfully adorned clothes?
Of course not.
They know.
It is in nature to know.
Therefore it dwells within man’s conscious to seek.
And where one knocks, someone will surely peek.
So go out and find doors of positive passion,
And seek to eradicate impossibility in similar fashion.



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