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Gender and Intimacy….

A man is supposed to be a guardian… A warrior… The protector of his treasure. A woman is supposed to be the lifeline… The very essence of existence, those reminders that the man is virile, strong, and proud. They are a unit, just like a bottle to a cap. Though the cap may seem diminutive in dimension, its value is no less important than the bottle. Who is going to buy a drink with no cap? Who is going to buy a cap with no bottle? They need each other.

When a man and woman come together, life is created. It is the miracle of the progenitive process, the wonder of reproduction. One is not more important than the other. One cannot be without the other. Therein lies the beauty of intimacy, romance, passion, and courtship. This process that transcends every human level of perception, from emotional to spiritual to physical.

Yet even with these clear as day realities, these qualia, how is it that people are still trying to accomplish this process by assinine means? We still have these “independent women” and “lifetime bachelors” who wonder why they are missing some sense of satisfaction in their lives. I will give credence to the difficulty in finding complementary people. It is a tough world out here trying to be in the company of someone who isn’t a self serving, egomaniacal monster. But that doesn’t change the process. It merely intensifies the judiciousness necessary to complete it. If you find yourself on a basketball team with bad chemistry, do you simply say “I’m taking all the shots” and expect to win a championship? No the process remains the same and the solution lies in the interpersonal reconcilation.

Men and women need to go back to the days of understanding. We need to amalgamate the gender equality of liberal America with the sacredness and reverence of the ancient days. We need to understand that men need to lead as men, while women need to support as women. Men need to listen to women, women need to edify their men. No person is more important than the other, for they both perish if one is off.

Let’s teach these up and coming kids how its done. Let’s break the cyclic shitfest we’ve been watching for generations. Let’s take back intimacy.




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