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Man’s Biggest Flaw

Last night I wrote “Antinomy” (see below) because my brain was pressured by things which I just couldn’t let go. However, even with my pedantic mind, I couldn’t even begin to describe what exactly was bothering me. I have a tendency on this blog to start one place and end where I didn’t fully intend or want to, so I wasn’t really in the mood to unravel my thoughts and end up at a conclusion miles away from my original query.

It is impossible for man to be happy. I’m 100% sure of that. Not on an individual level, mind you, but man as a species. It seems history itself is shaped by dissent. The townspeople who revolted against the king. The man who was crucified because he challenged their religious culture. The movements for civil rights and freedoms… All expressions of man’s discontent with most things created by his hands. Usually because those created things are flawed beyond measure. Political tyranny, religious oppression, and social inequality are all classical failures by mankind.

However, even with these dismal attempts at existence, we as a species have yet to attain harmony. We have yet to truly evolve to anything past beasts with a frontal lobe. We are still ruled by emotions, jealousy, anger, bitterness and greed. We are still in an intense hierarchical world, where it seems we exist in worlds within worlds. The planet I see is not the planet the Windsor family or the Rockefeller’s see. At the end of the day, however, we are like rodents clambering in cages with limited experience but unlimited opinions.

And those opinions are often at odds with one another.

Communism, capitalism, totalitarianism, fascism, monarchies, constitutional monarchies, republics, democracies… They all break down at some point. Have you noticed that none of them fully work? Someone is always unhappy with their status… Someone is always slighted, jilted, cheated, or lied to. The upper echelons are coddled while the basal groups diminished.

I personally believe it comes down to population size. When something gains widespread popularity, it can no longer target the needs of people on a smaller scale. Thus the universal institution is no longer the theoretical idea anymore, but a formal construct unable to be fully impactive. This then begats dissent and unrest, people are unhappy.

There are just too many variables. Too many moving parts in an individual. Pure democracies don’t work for that reason, if everyone gets a say in a 300 million person country, how does anything get solved. Easy, create a representative democracy. Well what happens when the elected official must choose between his constituents and a billion dollar corporation? Introduce the common flaws in most people, excuses, exceptions, secrets, and half truths and you essentially paint the world.

For however many millenia man has walked this earth we still are unhappy, ununified, and destructively critical. We can’t agree on religious pursuits, educational pursuits, cognitive pursuits, or even how to dress. We can’t agree on etiquette, manners, or behavior. We can’t agree on what’s important. We can’t agree on philosophy. We can’t agree on how to raise our kids.

We just don’t agree. So we cannot see happiness.

Mankind MUST evolve, we MUST progress in order to ever enjoy even the shadow of happiness. Until then we will remain a fragmented society in discord, constantly repeating history. Insanity.



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