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The Broken Mirror

Have you noticed that we’re all saying the same things? People are ignorant. Can’t trust anybody. If you want something done right, do it yourself. People are selfish. Greed is wrong. Why are there so many sheep? Guess I’m on my own. See, you can’t rely on anybody. All men are flawed.

So on.

Now strike this as a testament to my personality, but as someone obsessed with finding solutions to problems I have one blaringly obvious suggestion: Be Better People. I’ve gone over and over in my head these last few hours why the fuck we haven’t progressed as a people in the way our technology has. Sure, we’ve made progression since the 1700s but are we that much different? No because there are still witch hunts, foolish wars, and civil unrest. There is still slavery, religious oppression via lies, and political scandals. People are still just as screwed up as they always have been. The society has just morphed a bit.

So the FIRST place I look is to myself. Can people rely on me? Kinda. Do I hurt people? I have. Am I selfish? To an extent. But the difference is I’m actually working on being better. Not on some superficial “be a better person” whimsical foolishness, but legitimately progressing mankind. If I can get myself aligned, get my act together, I can inspire people. So why haven’t more people seen that? Why are we still just as fucked as we were centuries ago.

I don’t want to be pessimistic so I’ll keep my answer to this question to myself. But in essence, this is the solution to the everything. An extremely complex, virtually impossible solution with more unknown variables than known. Due to chance, the Devil, angels, friends, enemies, mental states, catastrophes, victories, epiphanies, revenge, emotions, and serendipity, man changes so often. Those changes facilitate the world because this world is only barely real. It is a conscious projection of what we accept. So we go through a life of various influences tugging upon our consciousness.

And we change. We hurt. We discriminate. We praise. We laugh. We make someone feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, while making another feel like shit. We elect criminals to office. We cheat or get cheated on. We pray. We cry. We dance.

I often say, I don’t like people. Today my mind responded with “define people”. We make these caustic statements frequently about macro concepts, like people, but then on a personal level we make exceptions. Those exceptions, as I am fond of saying, fundamentally undermine equality. However, sometimes those exceptions are imperative. As I came to define people today, I realized it was everyone, including myself I didn’t like. However, it wasn’t the whole being, but components. In classical mechanics there are things called vectors. Vectors describe an objects movement in terms of magnitude and direction. If that vector is at an angle, then its x-component (horizontal) and y-component (vertical) describe its angle. People have quadrillions of components that make up their personal vector. Out of all of those, I will undoubtedly find something or more likely somethings I intensely don’t like.

Especially in myself. Incongruencies, inconsistencies, hypocrises, and my favorite ignorance, all caused by the variables and components that make up their existence.

Thus shaping the world we live on. 7 billion independent infinities, endless in potential and as a consequence virtually impossible to fully align. The progression we all seek is wonderful in theory, I definitely have my contributions, but in terms of consummate attainment of harmony… I am leary. As I said in my last post widespread popularity of something is directly proportional to its failure, due to its inherent incapacity to meet all the needs.



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