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Lemniscate Theory: Knowledge & Wisdom.

Various cultures and religious expressions have said this in various ways so I’ll paraphrase: knowledge without wisdom is useless. Knowledge is the sheer aggregation of information, while wisdom is the practical application of that knowledge. A site I was sent the other night said “a person who has knowledge may understand what to do with it, but a person who operates in wisdom always knows what to do next”.

Within a framework like the Lemniscate Theory, various assumptions are made as to expedite the initial processes. One of those assumptions is that everyone can and will eventually know their passion. What is passion? Passion defined by myself and my organization is the knowing that revolves around a concept that someone is enamored with. Passion like faith is a knowing. Therefore the knowledge portion of the introductory paragraph to this post is satisfied. However, its the application that becomes problematic.

Wisdom, as aforementioned, is applying knowledge to a circumstance, in this case life, and then knowing what to do next. This is a place where many people get lost in life. With so many variables and possibilities in tandem with social pressures and expectations, people don’t (or can’t) take time to fully delve into themselves and discover their knowing. Factor in other things like familial upbringing, friend association, religious pursuits (if any), confidence levels and the like, and you see how so many people can lose touch with trying to apply the knowledge. What’s even more disconcerting is that most people don’t even get to the place of discovering the passion, instead opting for a life bound by status quo’s.

Identifying & Applying.

The Lemniscate Theory is a support philosophical system. It reminds a person that they have an intrinsic value of infinity which if not utilized becomes an extrinsic value of 0. When you aren’t accomplishing the things you’ve always wanted, you are lowering your own value to yourself. Forget what I think or mom or dad or grandma think… You must be able to see your passion then apply it to this world. You must galvanize your mind in such a way that your deepest desires transcend the accepted parameters of reality and change the very way you live.

Without wisdom, infinite potential remains potential and you remain unmoved. But take some time to search yourself and you’ll start to see what it is that you love.

Build upon that. That is Lemniscate Theory application. That is infinite.



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