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Call To Inspire

If each and every person on earth took a moment out of his or her day to think about their place in the cosmos, I think we would all understand something: the frailty of life. We are so consumed in the daily dealings of being alive, that we sometimes forget how useless this whole rat race is. Life is a miracle regardless of whether you approach from a religious standpoint or a scientific. From God breathing breath into Adam or a series of statistically possible but highly unlikely events which turned amino acids into viable creatures, one can see that life is a treasure.

Its priceless in every dimension.

Along the same line, the awareness of one’s littleness in the universe shouldn’t be a deterrent, but instead an emancipating realization. Nothing you see in this world is set in stone, therefore you should work to create a beautiful life, one harmonically balanced for you. If you do believe in God, you’ll agree that a path organized by him is rich in significance and fulfillment. Life is a constant miracle, one that should not be wasted on broken emotions or fear.

The universe is a huge place… Infinitely huge. We are definitely small. However, we have the potential to leave a colossal impact on history because we are just as entitled to fame, success, and enlightenment as the next. Don’t live in defeat. Know your place in the universe, accept that you should affect this world, and live a life which transcends the bounds of time.

No human is more entitled. We are all but living, breathing dust.

Dust with more potential than a supernova.



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