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Original Woman

I have long lauded
About beauty and glamour and the feminine spirit,
I’ve long applauded the graceful, illustrious grandeur,
Of the tender gender.
They’ve been my vendor,
Of sweet delicacies for years.
But a special adoration goes out,
To those whose undulations waves out,
Feelings of supreme originality.
Confident in presence,
Strident in presence.
Always in presence.
To the ones that don’t care about who’s around,
Or who’s watching,
Or who’s observing…
She oversteps the couture,
And opts for her own culture,
She talks with her own vernacular,
She isn’t even aware rthat she’s spectacular,
I’m raptured..
Capture by every passing moment.
Hello strange woman,
She who has changed woman,
In my eyes completely.
True to herself
True to her step,
True to her health,
True to her reflection.
Her mirror is her own real critic
Her hands smooth out her own wrinkles
Her external world subjected solely to her internal
Her outfits,
Her slim hips,
The garb she covers small curves with,
Her hair, feathers here and there.
Her eyes creature of excessive desire
In their own special way
For they see and speak what she wants.
She’s stays faithful to her spirit,
True to how God made her.
She is maven
Her being her haven.

Original Woman



One response

  1. kira

    whaaaat! no comments??? I don’t understand how someone could not comment lol I love it! well written Bryce, but of course you know that already 🙂

    December 7, 2011 at 5:50 am

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